Volvo is testing so as to focus on the Australian market by testing technology that can sense kangaroo movement.

The automaker is as of now testing a radar introduced in the autos’ front grille that will check the road for jumping kangaroos, Volvo said Thursday. On the off chance that a kangaroo is recognized, the auto will consequently apply the brakes to keep away from crash.

The framework has a response time of .05 seconds, which is much more keen than the human response time of 1.2 seconds.

The technology is currently used in Sweden to detect for slow-moving animals, like cows, but needs to be refined to accommodate for kangaroos’ speed.

There are more than 20,000 impacts with kangaroos on Australian roads every year, as per Australia’s National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA), adding up to more than 75 million AUD ($US54 million) in protection guarantees every year.

“Unfortunately, many kangaroos are dynamic on the roads,” Robert McDonald, NRMA’s protection head of research, wrote in an announcement. “They are frequently searching for sustenance at dawn and nightfall and it’s amid this time an expanded number of impacts happen.”

Volvo’s safety experts travelledout to Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory, a marginally inland zone that is in the middle of Sydney and Melbourne, to study and film the marsupials conduct in their characteristic natural habitat by a road. Canberra is known as a hotspot for kangaroo impacts, Volvo said in a press explanation.

“While Volvo Cars’ Pedestrian Detection technolgy is geared towards city driving, our kangaroo detection research is focusing on highway speed situations,” Martin Magnusson, Volvo’s senior safety engineer, said in the statement. “Kangaroos are very unpredictable animals and difficult to avoid, however we are confident we can refine our technology to identify them and stay away from crashes on the highway.”

The kangaroo detection technology is a main focus for Volvo. The organization is planning to have the radar prepared by 2020.


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