Amazon, the world’s biggest online commercial center, is suing more than 1,000 people who it blames for offering to write fake reviews on its website.

The web giant recorded a claim against 1,114 asserted fake reviews, who it says are tarnishing its brand reputation with “false, misleading and inauthentic” reviews, GeekWire reports.

It claims the defendants – named as “John Does”, the American expression for a unidentified person – offer their false review service for as meager as five dollars (£3.25) on the site

Amazon has a list of all the defendants’ Fiverr record names and is looking for a court judgment to recognize the general population behind them.

It is one of the greatest lawful activities looking to uncover hidden identities on the internet, as indicated by The Sunday Times.

The organization says it conducted an extensive investigation, which included buying fake client surveys on Fiverr. Those who offered reviews often promised five-star ratings and offered to let the buyer write the review themselves.

Not long ago, Amazon sued a few sites associated with offering fake review.

The lawful activity says: “Amazon is conveying this activity to shield its clients from this offense, by ceasing defendants and uprooting the ecosystem in which they take part.

“In spite of the fact that Amazon has effectively requested for expulsion of comparative postings from Fiverr previously, the evacuation of individual postings does not address the underlying driver of the issue or serve as a sufficient deterrent to the bad actors engaged in creating and purchasing fraudulent product reviews.”

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