China’s economy has posted its slowest development since the financial crisis, erasinghopes of a fast recovery for the world’s second-biggest economy.

Total national output extended by 6.9% in the second from last quarter, contrasted with the same period a year ago, as indicated by information discharged Monday by China’s National Bureau of Statistics.

While the GDP figure was superior to the 6.7% rate expected by economists reviewed by CNNMoney, it denote a deceleration from the 7% extension in the first half of the year.

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Investigators have known for quite a while that China’s development would moderate. It needed to debilitate, indeed, as Beijing made changes intended to move the nation far from depending on building roads, railways and housing to generate growth, to an economy powered by consumer spending.

That is going on now. Beijing’s development focus for it is 7% – an objective that was met in the initial six months. Seven percent is a long ways from the potent days when China was pumping out GDP development of 10% all the time. But on the other hand it’s sufficiently solid to keep up livelihood levels.

Louis Kuijs, a market analyst at Oxford Economics, said the GDP information demonstrate China has stayed away from a sharp stoppage. Then again, incremental stimulus measures will be required if Beijing is to keep its growth target within range.

China’s chief: We’ll never begin a money war

Chinese President Xi Jinping has recognized stresses over the slowdown, which has hit worldwide merchandise costs and slammed countries that depend on exports to China.

“As an economy firmly connected to universal markets, China can’t stay resistant to the dull execution of the worldwide economy,” Xi told Reuters in an uncommon meeting discharged throughout the weekend. “We have worries about the Chinese economy, and we are working hard to address them.”

The current month’s yearly meeting of the Communist Party will be observed nearly for signs that Beijing may be prepared to intercede all the more forcefully to help development.

The administration is relied upon to disclose its five-year social and financial arrangement for 2016 to 2020 at the meeting. Experts say the government will likely continue with piecemeal stimulus to support the economy and keep risks at bay.

The central bank has officially cut interest rates a handful of times this year, and told banks they could loan more.

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