Kangana’s Magic As Chandramukhi Did Not Work In South, The Film Earned So Many Crores On The First Day

Kangana’s Magic As Chandramukhi Did Not Work In South, The Film Earned So Many Crores On The First Day

After Dhaakad, Kangana Ranaut is once again seen acting on screen. His most awaited film Chandramukhi 2 has been released in theatres. Recently, the trailer of this film was released, which was very much liked.

Kangana Ranaut Again After Dhaakad :

Kangana Ranaut is seen acting on screen. His most awaited film Chandramukhi 2 has been released in theatres. Recently, the trailer of this film was released, which was very much liked. Raghav Lawrence is in the lead role with Kangana Ranaut in the film Chandramukhi 2. It is being told that both of them have done their part well in the film. Now the first day box office collection of Chandramukhi 2 has been revealed. In which the film’s earnings do not seem to be anything special.


Reviews Of Chandramukhi 2

Reviews Of Chandramukhi 2

It is being told that the budget of Kangana Ranaut and Raghav Lawrence’s film Chandramukhi 2 is Rs 50 to 60 crores. This film has earned only Rs 5.50 crore on its first day in all languages. However, this earning is based on morning and afternoon shows. The figures for the entire day are yet to come. Chandramukhi 2 is an action, comedy, horror and romance film.

Kangana Ranaut Is Seen In Different Look :

Reviews Of Chandramukhi 2

Reviews Of Chandramukhi 2

Kangana Ranaut is seen in a very beautiful and different look. Chandramukhi’s beautiful style was greatly appreciated and the audience is very excited to see her in the role of Chandramukhi.

Reviews Of Chandramukhi 2

Reviews Of Chandramukhi 2

Let us tell you that apart from Kangana Ranaut and Raghav Lawrence, Vadivelu, Radhika Sarathkumar, Lakshmi Menon and other actors are in lead roles in Chandramukhi 2. This film has been produced by Lyca Company and MM Keeravani has composed the music of this film..

Chandramukhi 2 is the sequel to Chandramukhi which was released in 2005. This film will be released in languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada.

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Fukrey 3 Review: Fukrey Returns With A Triple Dose Of Entertainment And A Social Message

Fukrey 3 Review: Fukrey Returns With A Triple Dose Of Entertainment And A Social Message

Fukrey 3 has been released in cinemas today. If you’re planning to watch this film for some laughs and entertainment, here’s what you should know first.

Fukrey 3 Movie Review

The story continues from Fukrey 2. The Fukra gang, led by Choocha, is involved in small ventures using Choocha’s dream-reading powers and making some money. Meanwhile, a naive Punjabi girl has entered politics. She needs to contest in elections and seeks the help of the Fukra gang to gather a crowd. However, Hunny Choocha suggests competing against the innocent girl. Following this, the gang is sent to South Africa by Bholi to participate in the elections. To find out what happens next, you’ll have to go to the theater.

Movie Experience

In simple words, this is a fun film that keeps you entertained in its own style. The first half is quite enjoyable, filled with funny dialogues that will make you laugh a lot. You won’t feel like leaving your seat during the first half. The second half is slightly weaker, with fewer jokes that hit compared to the first half. More emphasis is given to social messages in the second half, but overall, the film maintains its essence and respects its franchise, which Fukrey gang has been famous for, over the years.


Varun Sharma, known as Choocha, is the soul of the film and has done a fantastic job in his unique style. Seeing him on screen will surely make you laugh. He truly is the hero of the film, and there’s no doubt that Fukrey franchise owes much of its popularity to Varun. Pulkit Samrat fits perfectly in the role of Honey, as always. He is a significant part of this gang, and this is evident once again. Pankaj Tripathi has nailed the character of Pandit Ji. His role has been expanded, and this also adds to his growing stature in the industry. Manjot Singh shines in the role of Lali. Richa Chadda, playing Bholi Punjaban, has a limited role this time and her character seems a bit weaker.


Mrighdeep Singh Lamba has directed the film well, though in the second half, more attention could have been given to comic punches. The grip on the story is excellent in the first half. The second half feels a bit loose. Perhaps they could’ve balanced the social message with more comedy.


The first part had a superhit song like ‘Ambarsariya’, but there’s no such song here that you’ll remember. The music is average.

In conclusion, watch Fukrey for entertainment…if you haven’t seen 1 and 2, watch them as well. A recap is shown here for those who haven’t seen them.

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The Great Indian Family Movie Review Film That Tries To Entertain And Educate A Little

The Great Indian Family Movie Review Film That Tries To Entertain And Educate A Little

The Great Indian Family Movie Review: The movie is named “The Great Indian Family.” It was in the making for quite some time and has now been released. The promotion for it was also extensive. The film deals with social harmony. “The Great Indian Family” is an okay film, following a similar template we have seen in recent times, featuring Ayushmann Khurrana and Rajkummar Rao. It is set in a small town where there’s a taboo topic that people don’t openly discuss. However, the subject chosen by “The Great Indian Family” is a bit different. The film touches on the Hindu-Muslim issues prevailing in the country, but it doesn’t delve too deeply.

The Great Indian Family Movie Review And Story

The story of “The Great Indian Family” unfolds in the small town of Balrampur in Uttar Pradesh, where the Tripathi family resides. They are respected people in the community, involved in rituals, prayers, and arranging marriages. They are a diverse family, and decisions are made democratically. Ved Vyas Tripathi, also known as Billu, is the son of the head of the Tripathi family. He sings devotional songs in all the major events of the town, earning the nickname Bhajan Kumar. Everything was going smoothly until it is revealed that a member of the Tripathi family is Muslim. This revelation leads to a struggle with identity crisis, and he has to fight against both the family and society to overcome it. Can he win this battle? And if he does, how? These are the two questions the film attempts to answer. There are no definite answers to these questions; the process itself is the answer.

“The Great Indian Family” is a simple film that tries to entertain and educate a bit. You can’t doubt the film’s intentions at that level. However, it follows the routine in a rather basic way. It deals with a serious issue but uses comedy as a crutch to discuss it. The protagonist is so unaware of the things around him that he doesn’t even know that ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ is a common Muslim greeting. He thinks Muslims add it to every word while speaking, even when it’s unnecessary. His Muslim friend corrects him immediately. The film knows what it’s doing.

“The Great Indian Family” doesn’t unnecessarily complicate its story. This works in favor of the film in two ways. Firstly, the story is clear and easy to understand. Secondly, the film avoids becoming too lengthy. If the film had been a bit longer, the risk of it being tedious would have increased. The film wants to convey an important and relevant message at the right time. For this, “The Great Indian Family” deserves credit. However, watching films like this makes one feel that we are still operating at a very basic level. We feel that we should be discussing this issue in-depth. But when it comes to having the conversation, we barely scratch the surface and resort to over-the-top melodrama, which doesn’t work.

“The Great Indian Family” had a slightly unconventional subject. An honest attempt has been made to handle it. In a sequence in the film, Bhajan Kumar says, “What nonsense is this! Muslims eat meat every day. A Brahmin can’t marry a Sardar. Where did you learn all this? What kind of new India’s new generation are we?” This line is a part of Bhajan Kumar’s learning curve. He has seen and understood all these things with his own eyes. He questions and learns from them. This dialogue also reflects Vicky Kaushal’s career trajectory. He used this ‘new India’ term in his previous film “Uri: The Surgical Strike,” which became a part of pop culture. Now, in his new film, he questions the concepts and ideas of this ‘new India.’

Vicky Kaushal plays the role of Bhajan Kumar in the film. Vicky Kaushal is an actor who works hard for every role. His work is strong here too. However, at several points, it feels like the film doesn’t do justice to his performance. He plays the role of the father, Kumud Mishra. He goes on a pilgrimage in the first half and returns in the climax. Manoj Pahwa plays Bhajan Kumar’s uncle, Balkaram. He has a consistent presence throughout the film. Regarding Manoj’s work, I have an opinion that can be categorized as unpopular. He seems more impactful in serious roles than in comedy. For instance, watch his performance in “Mulk.” Here too, his character veers towards grey shades but comes back to the track in the climax. This is Sudhir Mishra’s second film. She played a local singer named Jasmith in her debut film. She also appears for five minutes in the first half of the film. Then her return is just before the climax. If she wasn’t in the film, it wouldn’t have made much difference to the story.

Bhajan Kumar has two friends in the film, played by ‘Fukrey’ fame Bhuvan Arora and debutant Ashutosh Ujal. Bhuvan’s character becomes a regular best friend and remains in the background. However, Ashutosh’s character has an arc. Even though he doesn’t have much screen time, he is an important character for the narrative. The biggest upheaval in the story begins because of Ashutosh’s portrayal of Lord Shiva. The way Lord Shiva speaks sounds funny. This makes the start of the major turmoil in the story because of the character played by Ashutosh. His screen time is not much, but he is an essential character in terms of the narrative. We’d like to see more of these people in the future. Apart from these characters, we see actors like Sadiya Siddiqui and Alka Amin in the film. However, they only make a fleeting appearance and barely contribute to any meaningful dialogue or conversation.

In conclusion

The Great Indian Family” is a film that can be watched with family. The film’s purpose is to deliver a message to the audience. It accomplishes this goal. It’s not an extraordinary cinema, nor is it a film that should be rejected. The positive thing about this film is that it doesn’t stray from conveying the correct message by teaching wrong things through a mix of serious and comic elements.

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After ‘Jawan,’ Shah Rukh Khan Has Six Upcoming Films That Will Create A Storm

After ‘Jawan,’ Shah Rukh Khan Has Six Upcoming Films That Will Create A Storm

The fever of ‘Jawan’ has gripped the entire country. Videos are emerging from cinemas where people are dancing in groups to ‘Zinda Banda.’ This enthusiasm is also reflected in the box office collections. The film collected over 500 crores worldwide in just the first four days. In India, the Hindi version alone earned 250 crores. Shah Rukh Khan’s film has left no one unimpressed recently. It is expected to continue its earnings for the next two weeks. People were eagerly waiting for ‘Jawan’ after ‘Pathan,’ and both films have been blockbuster hits.

Shah Rukh Khan Has Six Upcoming Films

Now, the audience is eagerly awaiting Shah Rukh’s upcoming films. Will they also be massive action films like ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawan,’ or will we see something different? Let’s find out about Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming films.

#1. ‘Tiger 3’: After making a cameo appearance in ‘Pathan,’ Salman Khan’s character Tiger promises to help Pathan in saving Russian soldiers. In return, Pathan vows to assist Tiger when needed. Pathan is set to appear in ‘Tiger 3,’ where Tiger finds himself in jail, and Pathan comes to his rescue. Together, they create havoc and escape from prison. It’s said that this will be one of the major action sequences in ‘Tiger 3.’


#2. ‘Danki’: This film is entirely different from ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawan.’ With ‘Danki,’ Shah Rukh Khan aims to please his diverse fan base. ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawan’ were typical commercial masala films, but now it’s time for sensible cinema. Rajkumar Hirani is known for balancing critical and commercial aspects in his films. Shah Rukh and Rajkumar Hirani were supposed to collaborate on ‘Munna Bhai MBBS,’ but it didn’t materialize. ‘Danki’ was initially announced for a December 2023 release, but it’s facing difficulties. With three months left for the release and no official poster yet, it might be pushed to 2024.

#3. Suhana Khan’s Film: Shah Rukh’s daughter Suhana’s first film, ‘The Archies,’ is set to release on Netflix on December 7, 2023. Her next film will be a spy action thriller directed by Sujoi Ghosh, known for ‘Kahaani.’ Shah Rukh and Gauri’s production company, Red Chillies Entertainment, is investing in this film. Suhana will play the lead role of a spy, and Shah Rukh will also have a significant role as her handler.

#4. ‘Tiger VS Pathan’: After the massive success of ‘Pathan,’ Aditya Chopra has decided to bring Salman and Shah Rukh together in a full-fledged film called ‘Tiger Versus Pathan.’ The film is inspired by ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ where Tiger and Pathan will have differences for some reason but eventually unite. Siddharth Anand, who directed ‘War’ and ‘Pathan,’ will direct this film, and shooting is expected to begin in early 2024.

#5. ‘Pathan 2’: Shah Rukh will continue to do massy films for a while. While these films may not be his best work in terms of quality, they will remain at the top in terms of earnings. ‘Pathan’ is his highest-grossing film to date, and makers are considering making a sequel. Although there hasn’t been a formal announcement, given the way YRF is expanding its spy universe, ‘Pathan 2’ seems likely.

#6. ‘Jawan 2’: At the end of ‘Jawan,’ there’s a small scene where Shah Rukh’s character Azad asks about his next mission. Sanjay Dutt’s character, the hero, replies, ‘Swiss Bank.’ Many have seen this as a hint for a sequel. There are ongoing media reports suggesting that Atlee has started working on the story for ‘Jawan 2.’ While there’s been no confirmation or denial of these reports.

How To Download Jailer Full Movie Hindi Dubbed In Mp4, 720p, AVI, HD

How To Download Jailer Full Movie Hindi Dubbed In Mp4, 720p, AVI, HD

Jailer Full Movie Hindi Dubbed In Mp4, 720p, AVI, HD Friends, once again, Rajinikanth is set to grace the big screen with his explosive action. The megastar Rajinikanth is currently making headlines with his highly anticipated film ‘Jailer,’ in which he plays the role of a police officer and is ready to create a buzz at the box office. Fans are loving Rajinikanth’s powerful action sequences and fantastic dialogues.

Jailer Full Movie Download In MP4

Rajinikanth’s film ‘Jailer’ has been eagerly awaited by audiences for quite some time. So, if you are a fan of Rajinikanth and are looking for options to download this movie, this article might be helpful for you. Let’s discuss superstar Rajinikanth’s upcoming film in this article.

Jailer Full Movie Hindi Dubbing

Jailer Full Movie Hindi Dubbing

Jailer Full Movie Download Hindi Dubbed In 720p HD

Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailer’ is set to release on August 10, 2023. In this film, South star Rajinikanth will be seen in full action mode. There is a lot of excitement among the audience about Rajinikanth’s film ‘Jailer.’ Additionally, discussions about Rajinikanth are happening all over social media. In this film, Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff will also make an appearance alongside Rajinikanth. The film ‘Jailer’ is directed by Nelson Dilipkumar, who is renowned for directing South Indian films.

Jailer Full Movie Download Hindi Dubbed In 1080p HD FilmyZilla

In the film, Rajinikanth portrays the character of Muthuvel Pandian, and the story revolves around a prison and Rajinikanth being a strict warden in that prison. The film is about a jail where Rajinikanth plays the role of a prison warden, and when a group of people tries to break their leader out of jail, he gets involved in a major confrontation. He will face off against Rajinikanth in the movie ‘Jailer,’ and we can once again see Rajinikanth in his signature style.

Movie NameJailer
Release Date10 August 2023
LanguageHindi, Telugu, Tamil,
OTT PlatformAmazon Prime Video
GenreAction Drama
Budget200 crore
Running time2 Hours 48 Minutes
ProducerKalanithi Maran
Jailer Movie Download Links

Download Jailer Full Movie In  HD

Download Jailer Full Movie Hindi Dubbing

Download Jailer Full  Movie MP4, 720p

Jailer Clip
Jailer Full Movie Hindi Dubbing HD

Jailer Full Movie Hindi Dubbing HD

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Jailer Full Movie Download

Jailer Full Movie Download

Jailer Movie MP4 HD

Jailer Movie MP4 HD

Jailer Full Movie Dual Audio

Jailer Full Movie Dual Audio

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 1: The Jawan Broke The Pathan Record, Earning 75 Crore Rupees On The First Day And Creating History

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 1: The Jawan Broke The Pathan Record, Earning 75 Crore Rupees On The First Day And Creating History

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 1: Jawan’ has made a remarkable start at the box office on its first day, breaking several records. Shah Rukh Khan’s highly anticipated film of 2023, ‘Jawan,’ has been released in theaters, and it has had a phenomenal opening day.

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 1

The film has received an overwhelming response from the audience and has set a new record for the biggest opening day collection in the country. In fact, ‘Jawan’ has not only broken records of other films like ‘Pathan’ and ‘Gadar 2’ with its explosive earnings on the first day but has also become the biggest opener in Bollywood.

How Much Did ‘Jawan’ Earn On The First Day?

According to early trend reports, Shah Rukh Khan and Nayantara starrer ‘Jawan’ has collected a whopping 75 crore rupees at the domestic box office on its first day. In the Hindi version alone, the film has earned around 63 to 65 crore rupees, surpassing the opening day record of ‘Pathan.’

It’s worth mentioning that Shah Rukh Khan’s latest release ‘Jawan’ has outperformed his own film ‘Pathan’ in terms of first-day earnings. ‘Pathan’ had earned 55 crore rupees in Hindi on its first day. On the other hand, as per early estimates, ‘Jawan’ has grossed approximately 63 to 65 crore rupees on its first day in India for the Hindi version.

Jawan’ has raked in 31 crore rupees on its first day in three national chains – PVR, INOX, and Cinepolis, while ‘Pathan’ had collected 27 crore rupees in three chains. ‘Jawan’ has shown a significant lead of over 8 crore rupees in the Hindi version compared to ‘Pathan.’ ‘Pathan’ was released on a non-holiday Wednesday, whereas ‘Jawan’ premiered on ‘Janmashtami.’

‘Jawan’ boasts a star-studded cast including Shah Rukh Khan, Nayantara, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanya Malhotra, and Ridhi Dogra, among other talented actors. The film also features special cameo appearances by Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Dutt.”

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