5 New Smartphone Launch In India November 2022 Hello everyone As you guys know that the month of November has started, so let us tell you guys that in November we are expecting to release smartphones from famous brands in India.

5 New Smartphone Launch In India November 2022

And also some devices have already been released in their home countries or elsewhere. Today let us tell you that we have brought a list of the top 5 smartphones coming in India, so let’s start with which smartphones are coming.

5 New Smartphone List

 5G Nokia G60

As you guys know that 5G Nokia G60 is coming with it Nokia Mobile India announced the launch of a new 5G smartphone. The company said in a tweet that Nokia’s new 5G Nokia G60 with 120Hz refresh rate, 50MP triple AI camera, high-speed 5G connectivity, and years of hardware and software support will help you be ready for tomorrow. Who will advance your logo

 Series of Realme 10

It is being said that Realme 10 may soon host the initial release of the smartphone along with markets in other countries including India. This is an average model which is most likely to be called the Realme 10. And it can also be considered as part of the Pro Variation Portfolio.

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 ZERO ULTRA 5G Infinix

ZERO ULTRA 5G Infinix will be available for sale soon. Also, it has consumer features 180W rapid charging support, and 200MP primary camera. What you guys have already got to see skat. have smartphones

 OnePlus N300 Nord

Sune has announced that OnePlus has expanded its Nord line of smartphones by launching the first OnePlus Nord N300 in the US. And as you guys know, November is the expected month for the launch of the device in India. In OnePlus, you have been given a 48MP camera and 90Hz HD + display. Talking about the battery, it is backed by a 5000 mAh battery and MediaTek Dimensity 810 CPU.

Series of Redmi Note 12

It is heard that Redmi has expanded its Note series. And it is also being said that the Note 12 Pro, Note 12 Pro Plus, and Note 12 Explorer Edition have been introduced in China. And Redmi Corporation will soon introduce these gadgets in India. It has 210W fast charging capability and a 200MP camera. Mediatek Dimensity 1080 CPU is available with Redmi Note 12 range.

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