BERLIN — Germany’s car controller on Thursday ordered Volkswagen to review 2.4 million vehicles with diesel motors conveying programming proposed to control outflows test outcomes.

The government rejected the automaker’s proposition to repair the vehicles as inadequate. It is the first government-requested review anyplace since Volkswagen admitted the deception a month ago and said it influenced 11 million cars around the world.

Germany’s transportation minister, Alexander Dobrindt, said on Thursday that the compulsory review would start in 2016 and would be administered by the controller, the Federal Motor Transport Authority, known by its German initials K.B.A.

“The K.B.A. trusts that the product utilized as a part of the diesel motors constitutes an illegal defeat device,” Mr. Dobrindt said. “The authority has demanded that Volkswagen uproot the product and make all steps important to guarantee that the outflows regulations are met.”

The controller expects programming giving a fix to the 2-liter engines included in the review to be displayed before the month’s over, and answers for 1.2-and 1.6-liter motors to be exhibited before the end of November, Mr. Dobrindt said.

“We have the impression that Volkswagen is technically capable of carrying out the technically necessary measures,” Mr. Dobrindt said.

The crackdown by the German government deals a blow the organization in one of its most vital markets.

Mr. Dobrindt, said on Thursday that Volkswagen must start an mandatory recall of the 2.4 million affected cars in Germany toward the begin of 2016.

Volkswagen said that it had gotten a reaction from the transport authority at an opportune time Thursday, yet that it required time to audit it before remarking on it.

The German automaker has been increasing pressure since admitting a month ago to American environmental authorities that it had introduced a line of code in programming in its diesel motors proposed to control the consequences of discharges testing.

The transport authority said it had rejected a Volkswagen proposition a week ago to cure the issue, demanding rather that influenced vehicles be recalled.

In its proposition, Volkswagen had offered to redesign programming on vehicles with 1.2-and 2-liter diesel motors beginning one year from now to override the code that American environmental authorities found restricted the measure of noxious gasses transmitted amid lab testing, but not during normal driving.

As per the proposition, a software fix would not be sufficient to determine the issues on vehicles with 1.6-liter motors, which would require extra equipment alterations.

This week, Volkswagen said that it would create electric vehicles, an offering the organization has been moderate to embrace, in spite of a promise by the German government to get one million electric cars out and about by 2020.

Barbara Hendricks, the German minister for the environment, said the government should consider scrapping as a tax cut for diesel motors, moving it rather to electric vehicles to empower all the more environmentally friendly technology.

Volkswagen’s recently named CEO, Matthias Müller, is scheduled to meet with the company’s top executives on Thursday. It will be Mr. Müller’s first such meeting since assuming control from his predecessor, Martin Winterkorn, who ventured down a month ago, taking responsibility for the scandal.
On Oct. 12, Volkswagen said it would recall 1,950 diesel vehicles in China. Be that as it may, while China is a major car market for the organization, it has sold very few diesels there. And there was no public indication that Beijing had ordered the recall.

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