Kalashnikov is to open a trinket shop at Moscow air terminal offering shirts, pens and model AK-47 strike weapons.

The Russian firearm maker reported its arrangements in a public statement on Friday, exploiting the brand’s effective worldwide personality.

It will be to some degree not quite the same as settling dolls, Soviet memorabilia and containers of vodka which are more regular keepsakes of an excursion to Russia.

“Kalashnikov is a standout amongst the most prevalent brands that rings a bell for a great many people on the planet when they catch wind of Russia,” Vladimir Dmitriev, the organization’s advertising boss, said in a news discharge.

“So we are satisfied to give everybody a chance to bring home a trinket with our image on it.”

Be that as it may, given the conspicuous security contemplations, the organization said the fake firearms will be made of plastic and simple to recognize from the genuine article.

They will sit nearby different products, for example, “I Love AK” shirts, when the store opens for business at Sheremetyevo International Airport, which took care of more than 31 million travelers a year.

On the off chance that the weapon looks excessively tenable it could well be reallocated by UK traditions with the import of being banned under the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006.

It is likewise unlawful to have an impersonation gun without sensible reason -, for example, film-production or verifiable re-authorizations.

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