Who is Vaibhav Taneja: Several Indian-origin executives are working in leadership roles at various big companies around the world. Now, a new name has been added to the list as Vaibhav Taneja.

The talent of Indian-origin executives is well known worldwide. From Microsoft to Google, many renowned companies have Indian-origin executives in responsible positions. Now, another Indian talent has joined the ranks in this illustrious series, someone whom the world’s richest person, Elon Musk, has placed his trust in.

Vaibhav Taneja to Replace Zach Kirkhorn

Vaibhav Taneja Replace Zach Kirkhorn

Vaibhav Taneja Replace Zach Kirkhorn

One of the world’s largest electric vehicle companies and the company responsible for making Elon Musk the world’s richest person, Tesla, has appointed Vaibhav Taneja from India as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), replacing Tesla’s former CFO, Zach Kirkhorn. Before this, Vaibhav was heading the accounting department.

Resignation After 13 Years

The resigning CFO of Tesla, Zach Kirkhorn, had been associated with the company for a long time. He had been with Tesla for almost 13 years and was currently responsible for the company’s finances. He will continue with the company until the end of this year to ensure a smooth transition. Tesla has not disclosed the reason behind Kirkhorn’s decision to step down after such a long tenure.

Tesla CFO Announced on Linkedin

Zach Kirkhorn made an update post on LinkedIn about this. He mentioned that working with Tesla has been one of the most magnificent experiences of his life. However, he did not disclose the reason for leaving Tesla.

Vaibhav’s Existing Responsibilities

Talking about Vaibhav, he has been associated with Tesla since 2016. The 45-year-old joined Tesla when the company acquired SolarCity in 2016. Vaibhav was appointed as the Director of Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited in January 2021. He has more than two decades of experience in accounting.

Worked with Two CFOs Before becoming the CFO, Vaibhav had worked as the Corporate Controller in Tesla. He has worked with the current outgoing CFO, Zach Kirkhorn, and the former CFO, Deepak Ahuja. Prior to Tesla, Vaibhav served as Vice President at SolarCity.”

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