The Super Bowl TV spot for Avengers: Infinity War gave a new take a gander at the size of the MCU’s epic perfection, however maybe its most stunning uncover respects the appearing survival of Vision. As far back as he was presented in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it’s felt like Vision’s days are numbered; he’s fueled by the Mind Stone, which is one of the six Infinity Stone Thanos will hope to take in the collaborate.

  • That was prodded appropriately in the Infinity War trailer, with Corvus Glaive – one of the Children of Thanos – seen attempting to pry the ingot from his brow. While it is unforeseen to uncover the passing of a noteworthy character in the primary secret, it unquestionably put a considerably greater question mark over the destiny of Paul Bettany’s android. One that has now, in any case, been reduced.
  • In the Super Bowl TV spot, one shot shows Captain America and Black Widow strolling down a hallway flanked by a limping Vision and Scarlet Witch. In view of what we are aware of the Infinity War course of events, this must be after the Edinburgh strike by Glaive in the past trailer; sparing Vision and Scarlet Witch is the thing that brings Steve and Natasha out of concealing, so they’re not going to be with them previously (Cap is likewise not wearing his new, Wakandan shield). This would infer that Vision is harmed by the assault yet survives.
  • It’s difficult to discern whether he has the Stone in his brow still or not, but rather there’s a sufficient flicker to propose it is there. In any case, this urgently demonstrates he lives past the film’s first demonstration.

Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl Trailer Teases Vision’s Survival

On the off chance that it is gone at that point we’re in for something really stunning; the evacuation of the Mind Stone may not really slaughter Vision. This was insinuated in Captain America: Civil War, when he called attention to the power and its connection to him is as yet vague, however it’s something else totally for it to really be expelled. How is an unavoidable issue, and the appropriate response would probably be Scarlet Witch – she was seen communicating with the Stone of a human Vision prior in the spot.


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