Barbie Box Office Collection: The film ‘Barbie,’ directed by Hollywood actress and director Greta Garvig, has painted the box office in its colors. While in India, the audience is showing love for this film, it is speeding ahead like a bullet train worldwide. Let’s find out the film’s global earnings.

Barbie Box Office Collection

In childhood, everyone may have played with Barbie dolls, but presenting the fantasy world of Barbie in this way through Greta Garvig will probably be beyond many people’s imagination. Along with the Hollywood film ‘Openheimer,’ ‘Barbie’ is doing quite well at the box office.

Barbie Movie Review

Barbie Movie Review

While this film was released only in the English language in India, it is creating a sensation worldwide with stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Let’s find out how much this film has earned in India and worldwide.

Barbie’s Earnings In India Have Now Reached An Astonishing Total

It’s worth mentioning that ‘Barbie’ with Greta Garvig has become the first Hollywood film directed by a woman to gross 155 million dollars in its first three days. While ‘Openheimer’ was released in India only in English, it collected 5 crores on its opening day, 6.5 crores on Saturday, and 7.15 crores on Sunday. However, due to Monday being a working day, the film saw a dip in collections with only 2.43 crores. The film’s total collection in India has reached 21.08 crores so far.

Barbie Is Creating A Stir Worldwide

Though the earnings of Greta Garvig’s film ‘Barbie’ may be moderate in India, its global collection is quite impressive. Worldwide, the film is progressing rapidly and is approaching a showdown with Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 7. ‘Barbie’ has earned a staggering 2760 crores worldwide till now.

Considering its current pace, it won’t be wrong to say that it may soon surpass Mission Impossible 7’s record. Apart from Margot Robbie, the film also features Simu Liu, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, Ria Perlman, and Will Ferrell in significant roles.”

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