Captain Movie 7 Day Box office Collection & ReviewHello everyone As you guys know what to expect from Shakti Sundar Rajan’s film. This much-awaited Tamil and Telugu bilingual hit the screens today, 8th September. It stars Captain Arya in the lead as director Shakti Sundar Rajan tells you all

Captain Movie 7 Day Box office Collection & Review

these strange things about Vetri in the first few minutes, and later, the protagonist’s personality is dressed in nothing more than a paper towel. Coming to the film, it seems that some shots are accompanied by a basic plot outline rather than the entire script. There was a lot to do in the film, but Shakti Sundar could not do much.

Captain Movie Story

Name: Captain

Director: Shakti Soundar Rajan

Cast: Arya

Rating: 3 / 5

As we talk about the story of the film, it is something like this, it is a team of soldiers. Joe, led by a brave army captain, embarks on a perilous mission to venture into a restricted forest area and uncover the mystery behind the unexplained deaths of the previous teams visiting the site. How this is happening is a mystery.

Captain Movie Review

The film begins with a scene where a jeep is seen entering the forest and within a second you hear a boom which indicates that the jeep has met with an accident and then some shots are fired. have been In which four Indian Army officers were martyred. The same Captain Vijay Kumar (Arya) and his team have set out on a mission to rescue the hostages from the

Captain Movie

Captain Movie

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terrorists. After some time Vijay and his team are asked to find out the reason behind the murder of army officers, where Vijay finds out. It is sent to find out what went wrong. Like the first jeep, Vijay’s jeep also gets attacked by some unknown object, in which Vijay loses his team member Karthik (Harish Usman). Kartik is a good friend of Vijay. After losing Kartik, Vijay takes up the mission personally and things take a turn. Kirti (Simran), a scientist, asks Vijay for help in finding out the cause of the soldiers’ death. , After that, you have to see the curtains for him.

Captain Movie 7 Day Box office Collection

The booking of Captain as Aap Log Janet Hai was opened on 5th September, earning only Rs 1.5 crore on the first day. It is an action-adventure thriller film. The film is directed by Shakti Sundar Rajan and produced by The Show People and Think Studios. If we talk about Captain, the film did very little in its first 6 days at the box office and earned around ₹5.66 crores in India. that’s how it is.

DayIndia internet assortment
Day 1 [1st Thursday]₹ 1.8 cr [Ta: 1.3 cr; Te: 0.5]
Day 2 [First Friday]₹ 0.85 cr [Ta: 0.7 cr; TE: 0.15]


Day 3 [1st Saturday]₹ 1.1 cr [Ta: 0.95 cr; TE: 0.15]
Day 4 [First Sunday]₹ 0.96 cr [Ta: 0.8 cr; TE: 0.16]
Day 5 [First Monday]₹ 0.49 cr [Ta: 0.4 cr; TE: 0.09]
Day 6 [First Tuesday]
₹ 0.46 cr [Ta: 0.38 cr; Te: 0.08] * Tough Information
Day 7 [First Wednesday]Can earn ₹ 0.40 Crore*
gross₹ 6.06 crore

Shakti Sundar Rajan’s film Kaptaan could have earned more at the box office if he had seen something new in this story, he would have said that the story was lost in God. Talking about Arya, he fits a lot in the role of a captain. And Aishwarya Lakshmi also played the role of Arya’s girlfriend in this film. Which people have liked.

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