Kangana Ranaut is one feisty star who has always spoken her mind on topics other Bollywood actors would rather stay away from. More often than not, her bold take on controversial subjects has had her single-handedly braving a storm stirred up within the industry. However, the ‘Queen’ actress has always managed to get the upper hand in her many public feuds with industry biggies.

While many of the controversies she had courted have now been watered down, in a recent interview, the actress revisited a few past instances and also claimed that she was singled out by many top filmmakers like Karan Johar, Ketan Mehta and Rakesh Roshan.

Claiming that film industry people were having intense meetings to allegedly put her in her place, the actress revealed that she did feel “cornered” after the failure of her film ‘Simran’. When asked if she felt like a lone wolf, she said that she has had her fair share of ordeals, accusations and conflicts, but found that people resonated and identified with her and even supported her through it all.

According to the report, the actress pointed out that while on one had Aditya Pancholi filed a case against her, Rakesh Roshan continued to say he would reveal something, but said that “all of this did not go anywhere.”

Kangana is currently awaiting the release of her historical saga, ‘Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi’ that is slated to hit screens on January 25.

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