OMG 2 Review: Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi’s ‘OMG 2’ presents a story that revolves around a crucial societal topic. The film attempts to deliver this message in an engaging manner, showcasing its pros and cons.

Let’s Tell How Is ‘OMG 2’

Starring Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, ‘OMG 2’ has already garnered significant attention due to its discussion on the censor board’s table before its release. Changes made by the censor board while watching the film are noticeable. Even though there are some quirky moments in the flow of dialogue, ‘OMG 2’ still feels like a film that manages to control the audience’s mood in theaters.

Akshay Kumar OMG 2

Akshay Kumar OMG 2

In 2012, ‘OMG’ featuring Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar delivered a powerful storyline that resonated with the audience. Whenever the film airs on television, the audience watches it repeatedly. In ‘OMG 2,’ the story revolves around Pankaj Tripathi. He takes advantage of this opportunity and delivers a powerful performance. Akshay’s character is as entertaining as seen in the trailer, and his natural charm enhances his role, making it more impactful in certain moments. However, there’s a storyline between these two that deserves attention on the screen. It’s not that ‘OMG 2’ is flawless; it has its shortcomings. Nevertheless, the film’s main message holds more weight than all the other elements.

The Complete OMG 2  Review

Pankaj Tripathi becomes Kanti Shah Mudgal in ‘OMG 2’. Kanti, a devoted follower of Lord Mahakal, runs a shop selling offerings and prasad outside the Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain. Kanti, who resides under the shelter of the temple’s chief priest Govind Namdev, represents the ideal image of a true religious devotee. His son studies at an international school. Whether it’s an international or rural school, it’s in India. And the students there come from our own society. So, Kanti’s son Vivek, after going through a traumatic bullying episode at school, loses his confidence. With shattered self-esteem, he engages in an act in the school restroom that is considered deeply inappropriate to discuss openly. If a video of such an act were to go viral, the consequences would be grave!

The story seems to be heading in the same direction. Now, Vivek has been labeled the ‘bad boy’ all over the city. From the neighborhood to his own father, Vivek’s dignity is shattered due to the stigma of being ‘inappropriate.’ In this state of stigma, he even attempts suicide. As Kanti suffers humiliation in the city and society due to his son, he begins to understand, through the words of a wandering sage (Akshay Kumar) at the police station, that he has been wrongly judging his son.

This sage has come to the police officer with a complaint about his lost belongings. He saves Vivek from committing suicide. But he is not just an ordinary sage; he is a messenger sent by God. Through his words, Kanti realizes the mistake of stigmatizing the entire society with the label of ‘inappropriate,’ which he did by endorsing the school’s declaration of children’s sexual adventures. Kanti takes legal action against his son’s school and various other people.

Yami Gautam OMG 2

Yami Gautam OMG 2

The purpose is to make the society, which wrongfully blames Vivek, understand that the fault lies with them, not the children. However, in this case, a strong-willed female lawyer named Kamini (Yami Gautam) is on Kanti’s side, and her presence starts to make the judge question his own beliefs. Will Kanti succeed? Will Vivek regain his lost self-respect? Will the school take Vivek back? ‘OMG 2’ portrays this drama on screen.

How has the story been told?

It is necessary to appreciate the writer-director Amit Rai for ‘OMG 2′ since the changes suggested by the censor board might have presented challenges to their narrative. However, the script’s shortcomings were already noticeable. The highlight of ‘OMG’ was the humor and surprises present in almost every three lines. However, the same is not true here. In fact, when the entire focus of the story shifts to Kanti, his family, and the court case in the second half of the film, the screenplay starts to drag.

In the narrative of the film, Akshay seems to be helping Kanti. On the big screen, it appears that Akshay’s presence is necessary to create an atmosphere of drama to move the story forward. The court drama on the big screen is used more as a device for a vital discussion rather than portraying legal proceedings. This important discussion sometimes deviates from its purpose. Instead of focusing on the stigma around Vivek, the film delves into the history of economics in India. This key debate often loses its place in the court drama. However, the story’s punch, comedic elements, and Pankaj Tripathi’s outstanding performance keep you engaged until the end of the film.

Acting Performances

Pankaj Tripathi’s remarkable acting skills are well known to audiences. However, his characters have often been centered around the UP-Bihar region. This time, that comfort zone is broken. Pankaj delivers an excellent performance in a character with a new accent and sensibility. His talent shines in scenes where he doesn’t speak and simply reacts silently. Yami Gautam once again proves why she’s considered a strong actress. Govind Namdev, Pawan Malhotra, Bijendra Kala, and Arun Govil, as always, fully commit to their supporting roles. Akshay Kumar’s character carries a divine power in the story and, like his first film, he leaves a lasting impact on the screen.

‘OMG 2’ is a film that presents an important topic with doses of humor and reaches the audience. Amit Rai’s film is suitable for viewing in theaters with family. If you go to the theater to watch this film, half of the issue in the story gets resolved just like that.

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