Recce Season 1 Telugu Web Series Review and Rating The name of the web series we are talking about today is Rex, it is a Telugu web series,

Recce Season 1 Telugu Web Series Review And Rating

if we talk about its story, then it is not bad, if not much. Its reviews have also been good,

Recce Season 1

Recce Season 1

the story of a policeman who does his job honestly but some prevent him from doing his job properly, I would like to give 3.5 when it comes to rating.

Recce Review:

The plot of this web original justifies its title. In the first episode, a contract team headed by Pardesi (Sametha Gandhi) is hired to assassinate Varadarajulu (Adukalam Naren), a local leader who is well protected by his men. Actor Naren is credible in the role of a local politician and has played his role well. Actor Shriram plays his role as an honest cop.

Recce Season 1

Recce Season 1

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The episodes – The Contract, The Sketch, The Betrayal, The Twist, The Clue, The Reveal and The Revenge have enough twists and surprises to keep the audience hooked. Everyone played their part with satisfaction and justified their role. Some sections of the plot, such as how the assassins murder a powerful character despite an obvious threat, seem vague compared to the high standards set by the series. The work is clear on the minor details. Ram K. Mahesh’s cinematography deserves special mention. The haunting background score added to the tension whenever the need arose. Sriram Maduri composed the music, and Sai composed the sound. KV Sriram produced the series.

Recce Story :

Its first investigation revolves around the rivalry between two political groups. Sub-Inspector Lenin (Shri Ram) is assigned the task of solving a double murder case in Tadipatri village in 1992. A gang appointed by the opposite camp to kill the current municipal president Varadarajulu (Adukalam Naren) in Tadipatri town.

Recce Season 1

Recce Season 1

Will be done Kuliappa (Thotapalli Madhu) mediates and strikes a deal with four notorious killers who are non-residents of Tadipatri. After some twists and turns, under mysterious circumstances, Varadarajulu and his son Chalapati (Shiva Balaji) will be murdered. To investigate the twin murders, city sub-inspector Lenin (Sriram) will begin his groundwork.

Recce Rating:

Rating : 3.5
Release Date : June 17, 2022
Starring : Sriram, Siva Balaji, Dhanya Balakrishna, Ester Noronha
Director : Poluru Krishna
Music Director : Sriram Maddury
Cinematography : Ram. K. Mahesh
Producer : Sri Ram Kolishetti
Banner : South Indian Screens

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