Saakini Daakini Movie Review & 5 Days Box Office Collection Profit Hello as you know that last Friday the movie Sakini Dakini was released. Directed by Sudhir Verma. Despite being good as an actress, Regina could not entertain the audience. What did

Saakini Daakini Movie Review & 5 Days Box Office Collection Profit

not touch the hearts of people and Sudhir Verma tried a new look that was not very impressive. Sudarshan, Hemant, Chhammak Chandra, Ravi Varma, Kabir Singh, Bhupal, and others have played their roles.

Saakini Daakini Movie Story

In this film, Damini (Regina) and Shalini (Nivetha Thomas) enter the police academy as apprentices. who doesn’t even like each other? But after some time they become good friends. One midnight, Damini and Shalini witness the kidnapping of a girl. They try to save the girl and fail the first time. After some time, Damini and Shalini start investigating the girls.

Saakini Daakini Movie

Saakini Daakini Movie

And while tracking the case, they both find that the kidnapping is done by a gang running a racket to harvest a mature egg (for IVF treatment). The story of the film is about how Damini and Shalini solve the case. Will it be interesting to see if Damini and Shalini get their pat lag pie?

Saakini Daakini Movie Review

The film is a well-narrated film of two hours and does not waste time in creating an atmosphere for the trainees of the Police Academy. Shalini and Damini are a study in contrast. In which one likes to hide food packets in his cupboard, while the other has more knowledge of cleanliness. Many actors are known for their comedic roles in the first hour, who hold important

Saakini Daakini Movie

Saakini Daakini Movie

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positions in the academy as friends and tutors. Some jokes work while others seem overwhelming. But that’s what happens when we warm up with the two main characters. One of the highlights of the film is the stunt sequence in a small restaurant in the old city of Hyderabad. There is nothing in this film.

Saakini Daakini Movie Box Office Collection Profit

The box office collection of the film Sakini Dakini has been like this. Which is an action comedy thriller film. And garnering some good responses from the audience and critics as well, the film made an impressive debut on its first day. The film collected around 47 lakhs on the first day, but the film has a long way to go in reaching its full potential.

Release Date: September 16, 2022
Starring: Regina, Niveda Thomas, and others.
Director : Sudheer Verma
Music Director: Mickey
Cinematography: Richard Prasad
Producer: D. Suresh Babu – Sunita Tati – Thomas Kim
Banner: Suresh Productions – Guru Films – Cross Pictures
Rating: 2/5

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Day 1Rs 0.47 CroreRs 0.29 crores
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Total CollectionRs0.47 crores Rs 0.29 crores
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