Siya Movie Review & Total Box Office Collection Day Wise, Is Siya Hit or Flop? Hello, everyone As you know Siya movie is released this Friday, Manish Mundra of this movie. On the face of it, it presses all the right buttons and highlights

Siya Movie Review & Total Box Office Collection Day Wise, Is Siya Hit or Flop?

the horrifyingly treacherous path that rape victims in this country have to walk in their quest for justice. Siya stars Pooja Pandey and Vineet Kumar Singh in lead roles.

Siya Movie Review

The film focuses entirely on the psychological and physical pain that the girl faces, one such girl is Siya, who is raped by lawyer and neighbor Mahendra (Vineet Kumar Singh) on her way to a village from Delhi. , Mahendra tries to get a better deal for Siya but discovers that there are too many limits to his ability to overcome Arunoday’s clout. Mundra, the film’s producer, is

Siya Movie

Siya Movie

overly restrained, even cautious, and somewhat clean in portraying the raw reality of a chaotic village where authority can prevail. Sia underlines in great relief that political powers not only coexist with those who voluntarily violate the law but that they are often equal. The film does not point to the toxic culture of impunity that has recently taken root in this country, in which women are abused and intimidated day by day on social media by troll armies and this leads to The face being turned. Huh.

Siya Movie Total Box Office Collection Day Wise

Siya is a Hindi-language movie starring Vineet Kumar and Pooja Pandey in lead roles. In general, it can be said that Siya movie is a Hindi language movie in which you will get to see many crime drama scenes, this movie is crime scene wise.

Siya Movie

Siya Movie

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Because of this people are watching it a lot. Excited to see, let’s know how amazing the film Siya has done in the field of job collection on the fourth day.

Cast: Pooja Pandey, Vineeth Kumar Singh

Director: Manish Mundra

Rating: 2.5 stars (Out of 5)

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