There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the upcoming film “72 Hoorain.” People have called it a replica of another Malayalam film. There have been demands to ban the film. Amidst heavy opposition, the makers have made a big announcement.

Teaser of “72 Hoorain” Controversy

The teaser of the upcoming film “72 Hoorain” has sparked intense debate. Since the release of the teaser, people have started protesting against it. There have been demands to ban the film. Amidst increasing opposition, the makers have made a new announcement regarding the film.

The Teaser Of 72 Hoorain Will Also Be Released In These Languages

It should be noted that the film “72 Hoorain,” surrounded by controversies, had so far released only the Hindi teaser. But now it has been decided to release the teaser in 10 more languages. The teaser will be released in English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Kashmiri, and Assamese.

Why Release The Teaser In 10 languages?

“72 Hoorain” has been directed by Sanjay Puran Singh. The reason for releasing the teaser of this film in 10 languages has been explained by him. Sanjay Puran Singh said, “The purpose of releasing the teaser in 10 languages is to make every person living in every corner of India aware of the seriousness of the subject. Our intention in making the film is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments, but our attempt is to familiarize people with the realities that are truly alarming in our country.”

Meanwhile, the film’s producer, Gulab Singh Tanwar, said, “Making a film on such a serious subject is not an easy task. Making ’72 Hoorain’ aims to show the cruelty associated with terrorism in the name of religion and the attempts to transform innocent people into terrifying creatures. Now that this film is going to be released in cinemas, it becomes very important for us to tell people what our intention was in making this film. That is why we have decided to release the teaser in 10 languages.”

When Is The Film Being Released?

The film “72 Hoorain,” starring Pavan Malhotra and Aamir Bashir, will be released in cinemas nationwide on July 7th.

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