The Thomas fire touched off above Steckel Park, which is situated at 8080 Mistletoe Rd. off of Highway 150. Introductory reports demonstrated the blast had burned around 50 sections of land and had a “quick rate of spread,” the Ventura County Fire Department’s open data officer tweeted around 6:45 p.m.

By 8 p.m., the fire had expanded drastically in size to 500 sections of land as a result of “substantial breezes,” area fire authorities tweeted. The breezes were driving the blazes in an easterly course.

Roadway 150 has been closed down in the two headings along the Santa Paula and Ojai outskirt, at Stongate Road, as indicated by the California Highway Patrol.Flares had all the earmarks of being consuming on the two sides of the 150, Sky5 elevated video over the scene appeared.

Structures had all the earmarks of being debilitated, yet it was not quickly clear if any clearings had been requested in the territory. Notwithstanding, in a Facebook post the Santa Paula Fire Department encouraged occupants to get ready for that plausibility.

  • As a careful step, Thomas Aqinas College in Santa Paula has been cleared, the school tweeted.
  • The fire was consuming in the midst of a warning cautioning in the province that was provoked by what forecasters said could be the “most grounded and longest” Santa Ana wind occasion this season.
  • Hours before the fire lighted, forecasters had cautioned of outrageous fire peril in the territory between Monday night and Thursday.
  • Whirlwinds to 70 mph are conceivable are conceivable between Monday night and Tuesday, when the occasion is relied upon to top.
  • Starting reports demonstrated the burst, which has been named the Thomas Fire, was around 50 sections of land and moving at a quick rate of speed as winds as solid as 20 mph whipped through the region. Inside 60 minutes, it singed around 500 sections of land.

Fast-moving brush fire burns 500 acres

It was accounted for in the Steckel Park zone close State Route 150 and Thomas Aquinas College. A few structures were undermined, as per fire authorities. The breezes were moving the fire west, around the principle part of the city, fire authorities said.


Departures were issued for the school, a campground north of Santa Paula and a few occupants in the territory. In any case, no intentional or compulsory departures were issued for inhabitants inside the city.



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