Alia Bhatt Darlings Movie Review, Rating Netflix’s Dark Comedy Alia Bhatt chose a sensitive subject like domestic violence as the debut project of her production house.

Alia Bhatt Darlings Movie Review, Rating Netflix’s Dark Comedy

But it’s the characters’ hopes, dreams and despair that will stick with you until the end after the credits roll.

Darlings Movie

Darlings Movie

However, women are conditioned to believe that they would rather be in an unstable, toxic relationship than be the object of society’s prying eyes.

Darlings Movie Story

Badru’s (Alia Bhatt) unconditional love for her husband Hamza, (Vijay Varma) makes her overlook all the red flags in their relationship. Her mother’s (Shefali Shah) constant warnings go unnoticed as well. Coming from a modest background, the young wife continues to hope for a better tomorrow until things get a bit too far.

Darlings Movie Review

The film can be a trigger for many of us independent women who will not behave abusively for a day. Darlings will haunt you, especially when we have films like Thappad. But the question of right and wrong arise several times throughout the film, when the mother is in favor of more drastic measures, while the daughter pursues her heart to the last hope. also does not end, and alters the core of his beliefs. One day he learns that he has liver cirrhosis.

Darlings Movie

Darlings Movie

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The doctor warned him that if he drinks, he may die. Hamza hides this information from him and pretends to give up alcohol on his own for good. His life gets better and Badru is on cloud nine. She becomes pregnant. All is going well until Hamza turns violent once again, this time without drinking, and attacks Badru so violently that she has a miscarriage. He has been taken to the hospital. Here, she decides to take revenge and doesn’t suffer anymore. On complaining of sleeplessness, she asks the doctor for sleeping pills. The story of Jasmeet K Reen and Parvez Shaikh is impressive. The screenplay by Jasmeet K Reen and Parvez Sheikh is extremely entertaining and effective. It laughs as well as makes an important commentary on domestic violence. The characters have also been presented well by the writers.

Darlings Movie Rating

Rating: 3.5/5
Streaming on: Netflix
Star Cast: Alia Bhatt, Shefali, Shah, Vijay Verma, and Roshan Mathew
Directior: Jasmeet K Reen

Alia Bhatt plays her role as the naive wife who believes that Shelia plays a practical mother who tries to show her daughter the reality of her marriage. She pulls off the quirky role with ease.

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