The H115i Pro accompanies two 140mm maglev fans, a pristine pump plan, more slender tubing, and a smooth new radiator. It likewise propelled nearby the expanded 360mm H150i Pro. The radiator is somewhat more low-profile, and feels somewhat more premium – as it legitimately ought to at $140/£135.

The new pump is somewhat more of a blended sack, in any case. From one viewpoint, without the RGB lighting emanating from the edges and front of the pump outline, it can look very dated – I believe it’s the silver complete that does it. Then again, the establishment is outstandingly simple, and once the framework boots up, that disruptive style is immediately obscured by the light emission hued light radiating from it.

  • Despite the fact that the outline is much more lively than the H100i V2 pump with regards to lighting, I can’t enable feel to like Corsair missed a trap here. Considering the RGB put on the container, the H115i Pro could have been somewhat more roused. It just looks somewhat plain contrasted with the NZXT Kraken X62. Despite the fact that I assume the words ‘genius’ and ‘rgb’ are frequently on inverse closures of the range with regards to item plan.
  • Shockingly, Corsair haven’t received the same dynamic RGB lighting they are synonymous with on the fans themselves – which feels somewhat off for a ‘RGB’ namesake. I assume estimating had some thought here.
  • The H115i Pro highlights two 140mm ML-arrangement fans, which are incredibly calm – even at their maximum evaluated 1200RPM. Attractive levitation fans are absolutely a commendable speculation for any serene disapproved of gamer that can’t stand the murmur of a PC chugging along. They’re the reason the H115i Pro is the fluid chiller we prescribe in our (nearly) quiet PC construct.
  • As though Maglev wasn’t sufficient, Corsair have likewise received a zero-RPM mode with the H115i Pro, avoiding even negligible fan clamor beneath coolant temps of 40°C. You should use the splitter gave and control the entire unit through the Corsair Link programming to do this, in any case.
  • Any errant fan bends that Corsair Link may instigate are far less recognizable with the maglev fans, in spite of the fact that its RGB controls are a bit of lacking. The H115i Pro will profit when Corsair choose to execute more top to bottom lighting control, be it from inside their CUE programming or something else.

Corsair H115i Pro review

The H115i Pro’s execution is honorable, and consummately fit for standing its ground. It does; notwithstanding, battle to coordinate a portion of the – infrequently less expensive – rivalry by a couple of degrees. In the event that you are spending more on this cooler, you are likely doing it for the low-commotion factor. In such manner, the H115i Pro is justified regardless of the hush.

While the H115i Pro may not be the apex of cooling adequacy, despite everything you get an extremely skilled chiller with a smart plan that will probably compliment generally constructs. In particular, be that as it may, it’s astoundingly tranquil – and quiet is brilliant. I needed to put my ear so near hear any hum from the fans that I about gave myself the Van Gogh look. I’m putting Maglev fans on everything starting now and into the foreseeable future: my case, my GPU, my roof fan, my editorial manager, and my unruly nearby neighbors.


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