Apple updated iOS to version 9.3. As normal there are bug-fixes in the new programming and there are some new components. In the background – or in the code – Apple has likewise apparently included a couple of bits that gives a feeling that the organization is get ready to present a couple of new components with the iPhone 7.

By report in the 9to5Mac , a twitter clients @AlyssaKuron, who jailbreaks iOS, tweeted that the most recent programming code from Apple incorporates indications that the 3.5mm earphone port won’t be accessible on the iPhone 7. “It would appear that the earphone jack won’t be advancing toward the new iPhone,” tweeted Kuron.

Prior he had noticed a reference to Li-Fi in the iOS 9.1. “Li-Fi testing is now about to happen . Might show up in the following iPhone 7 as indicated by iOS code in iOS 9.1 firmware,” Kuron had tweeted prior.
While long-lasting Apple watchers are yet to say with assurance that the earphone jack is no more going to be the part of the following iPhone, odds are regardless of any fate and despair talk, Apple appears to have decided to discard the 3.5mm jack.

There are reports that the organization is dealing with a couple of premium remote Beats earbuds that it might want to offer alongside the iPhone clients. Similarly as the individuals who might not want to spend another $200 on the buds, it would likely package a wired arrangement of headphones that would utilize the helping port to unite with the telephone.

The following iPhone ought to come at some point in the September this year. Despite the fact that as we crawl closer to Apple’s yearly designer’s gathering WWDC – prone to be held at some point in June – there will be more clarity on Apple’s arrangement for the iPhone.

Then, if Apple incorporates Li-Fi in its telephones, that would surrender a genuine leg to it contrasted with the contenders. The Li-Fi is like the Wi-Fi yet hypothetically offers just about 100 times better speed contrasted with the Wi-Fi. In the meantime, on the other hand, it must be said that such an innovation may not right now have any noteworthy commonsense ramifications. The Wi-Fi innovation right now accessible on the planet is not once in a while restricted by its hypothetical velocity. Rather, it is constrained by the accessible transfer speed however it can contended that a gadget Li-Fi – if the backing for the innovation is accessible – might manage availability issues better in a range where a substantial number of individuals are attempting to get to network utilizing Wi-Fi.

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