BEIRUT: The special first night was a brief minute for affection, far from the forefronts of Syria’s war. In the capital of the ISIS bunch’s self-declared “caliphate,” Syrian warrior Abu Bilal al-Homsi was united with his Tunisian spouse surprisingly after months talking on the web.

They wedded, then passed the days feasting on flame broiled meats in Raqqa’s eateries, walking around the Euphrates River and eating frozen yogurt.

It was all made conceivable by the marriage reward he got from the ISIS bunch: $1,500 for him and his wife to begin on another home, a family — and a special night. “It has everything one would need for a wedding,” al-Homsi said of Raqqa — a riverside commonplace capital that in the 18 months since ISIS took control has seen executions of rivals and stoning claimed adulteresses in broad daylight. Shooters at checkpoints examine passers-by for indications of anything they see as an infringement of Shariah, or Islamic law, as slight as a clue of hair gel. In the homes of a percentage of the leaders are ladies and young ladies from the Yazidi religious group, snatched in Iraq and now kept as sex slaves.

The ISIS gathering is famous for the monstrosities it conferred as it overran quite a bit of Syria and neighboring Iraq. Yet, to its supporters, it is occupied with an eager venture: constructing another country controlled by what radicals see as “God’s law,” made up of Muslims from around the globe whose old nationalities have been deleted and who have been united in the “caliphate.”

To do that, the gathering has set up a liberal welfare framework to help settle and make lives for the a great many jihadis — men and ladies — who have rushed to ISIS domain from the Arab world, Europe, Central Asia and the US.

“It is not simply battling,” said al-Homsi, who utilizes a nom de guerre. “There are institutions.There are regular people (that ISIS) is accountable for, and wide domains . It must help the settlers wed. These are the segments of a state and it must take care of its subjects.” Al-Homsi talked in a progression of meetings by Skype, giving an uncommon investigate the individual existence of an ISIS jihadi. The new ISIS tip top is noticeable in Raqqa, the greatest city in Syria under the fanatics’ guideline.

Extravagance houses and flats, which once had a place with the government authorities, have been assumed control by the new ISIS decision class, as indicated by an individual from an against ISIS media aggregate in the city who passes by the name of Abu Ibrahim al-Raqqawi.

Helping contenders wed is a key need. Beside the ordinary stipend, outside contenders get $500 when they wed. The 28-year-old al-Homsi got an especially substantial reward on the grounds that his new wife is a specialist and talks four dialects. It was from his online networking action that he met his wife, who appreciated his online media briefings.

Source : Times News

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