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‘No US part in India-Pak peace process unless both together ask’

The US has completely precluded any part for itself in Indo-Pak peace process unless both the nations mutually ask it, as per a senior authority who declared that the most ideal approach to determine issues is through direct dialog between the two neighbors.

“President (Barack) Obama and his interlocutors discussed with the Prime Minister (Nawaz Sharif) and his group the circumstance in the LoC (Line of Control). Pakistan has frequently made a request for the United States to be occupied with it,” the organization authority told Indian reporters yesterday.

“(Amid the meeting) we avowed the US responsibility that we would be engaged in just if this is something that India and Pakistan might want. This is not any adjustment in any arrangement of the United States.

“This has been an emphasis of the proceeded with strategy of the United States for both nations to work out these issues reciprocally and obviously we and different nations would will to give encouraging and other supporting part if India and Pakistan together request,” the authority included.

The authority, asking for secrecy, did recognize that it has gotten set of dossiers from Pakistan on alleged Indian activities in parts of Pakistan.

“In the meeting with secretary of state, John Kerry, (on Wednesday) the Prime Minister did offer, hand over composed material identifying with specific worries that Pakistan has about security in the region,” the official said.

“As we have long said, and as the secretary underscored, the most ideal approach to determine issues is through direct dialog between the two neighbors. We stand prepared to backing such dialog in any capacity we can. We have quite recently gotten these dossiers. We have not checked on them and we don’t have any remark on the substance as of right now,” the authority said.

“A dialog in the middle of India and Pakistan, the parameters of which, it is for India and Pakistan to work out. It is not the strategy of the US to attempt to impact or attempt to set terms or generally even make proposals for how that dialog ought to occur. This is our approach for a long time. That strategy of the US has not changed,” the authority said.

“We recently trusted that India and Pakistan have a dialog, standardize relations and cooperate to move the peace in the region and success of the particular nations,” the authority said, including that there is no US shift towards India or Pakistan.

“There is no tilt towards any nation. The US has vital relationship towards India and Pakistan. They remain all alone. They are not zero some. US has global interest and has interest in peace and stability in the region,” the official added.

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