Dolly Bindra: Radhe Maa constrained me to partake in sexual exercises

With every passing day, the Radhe Maa discussion is getting murkier. Bigg Boss’ ex-challenger, Dolly Bindra, a previous adherent of the Godwoman, has been uncovering a great deal about her in the previous couple of days. Presently, she has documented a police protestation against her in Mumbai affirming that Radhe Maa had constrained her to participate in sexual exercises amid satsangs, claims a report on

Dolly has been cited in the report as saying that Radhe Maa’s supporters had stripped her bare and ambushed her sexually in the most exceedingly bad way. She even said that these exercises had driven her to vomit. While Dolly does not have any significant verification, she had asserted that Radhe Maa utilizes Punjabi cuss words while conversing with her lovers.

Perused on to figure out what veteran artist Asha Bhosle needed to say in regards to the Radhe Maa discussion…

Asha Bhosle not a devotee of Radhe Maa

As indicated by an IANS report, unbelievable artist Asha Bhosle says that she is a major fan of Lord Shiva consistently discussing his amahamantras. “I have confidence in one and only god. Like the one he (craftsman Paramesh Paul) has depicted today, Lord Shiva. We’re from the city of Mangesh which is a sanctuary of Shiva. Also, that is the means by which we’re Mangeshkars. We’re aficionados of all divine beings, of Lord Vishnu or Krishna however we’re huge enthusiasts of Shiva. I routinely recount Shiva’s ‘Mahamantra’,” she said in the wake of dispatching Paul’s craft show Glory Of The Ganges at the eminent Jehangir Art Gallery. Gotten some information about the discussion of “godwoman” Radhe Maa, Asha said, “I accept just in god and not on people. Anyone who has taken conception can’t be a divine being. The main god is the person who is above.”

Perused on to think about Radhe Maa’s Bollywood associations…

Radhe Maa stood out as truly newsworthy after she was occupied in an affirmed settlement provocation case in Mumbai. She denied all claims against her and the Bombay High Court has furnished her with provisional help by allowing interval pre-capture safeguard. A few features of Radhe Maa moving without end turned into a web sensation, however she chose to clear her stand as well. Keeping in mind she was in the news, a few Bollywood associations of Radhe Maa sprung up communicating backing to others being clicked at her ‘satsang’. Perused on to know more about Radhe Maa’s Bollywood association…

Radhe Maa is a devotee of Sunny Leone

The 32-year-old lady, who has blamed Radhe Maa for impelling her in-laws to request endowment from her, has uncovered the so called God lady’s Bollywood interest. As indicated by a report on, the lady has uncovered in a meeting with an online entry that Radhe Maa moves on Bollywood numbers and is a fanatic of Sunny Leone. She likewise guaranteed to have seen her moving on Sunny Leone’s well known number move ‘Child doll’. Appears as though Radhe Maa’s name too has been added to the not insignificant rundown of admirers of Sunny Leone.

Subhash Ghai clicked with Radhe Maa

While Radhe Maa was gotten in discussion, a few pictures of prestigious movie producer Subhash Ghai surfaced on online networking. The artist of Bollywood was seen embracing the so called God lady. With all due respect Subhash Ghai posted on person to person communication site Facebook, “Being the enthusiasts of mata Vaishnu Devi Me n my wife mukta have been going to Radhey Maa to take her endowments since a year ago at mata ki chowki at Borivali Bhuvan held by her old aficionados. Indeed, even we held one mata ki chowki at our home n welcomed her to favor us n different lovers. She had been exceptionally warm to the two of us N treat us like her guardians. We have never encountered any such sort of obscene act or environment as being discussed in the public eye today. We likewise came to know while meeting her that she is a typical touchy wedded lady with two children doing great n fabulous youngsters n drives an ordinary social life as free lady n in her Devi roop she adores bhajans n moves on occasion on those tracks before fans and need aficionados to treat her like a tyke. Her old lovers call her as ” gudia Devi Ma ” as well while praising her cheerful whimsical inclination. She had let us know that she travels to another country n loves shopping n moves around as a typical young lady differentiation to her clothing as Devi Maa. We feel lovers have faith in her n her gift control emphatically yet without a doubt we likewise felt that she could be misjudged by her immature n contrast life in broad daylight. Trust she clears up herself on this discussion soon. N God favor her.”

Sonu Nigam in soup over tweet on Radhe Maa

Well known performer Sonu Nigam conveyed what needs be on long range interpersonal communication site Twitter, about the disputable God lady. He had posted, “Quite recently my 2 pence. Kaali Maa is portrayed in lesser garments than Radhey Maa. Intriguing that this nation needs to sue a lady for her garments.” [sic]. While Sonu Nigam raved about sexual orientation balance, he ended up in a legitimate soup. As indicated by a report, grumblings were submitted against him at Sakinaka and Samta Nagar police headquarters for the disputable tweets. He had further cleared up his stand in an extensive Facebook post.

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