SonyLIV’s Your Honor, a remake of a famous Israeli web series, was a solidly crafted show. If not as good, Season 2, densely plotted and deliberately moving, comes appreciably close thanks to a rare repetitive act. As they did in the first 12 episodes of the story, director E. Niwas and writer Ishaan Trivedi keep a tight grip on the drama and action and don’t let the latter affect the former. Your Honor Season 2 is a judicious mix of intrigue and intensity.

Your Honor 2 Review: Jimmy Sheirgill Leads Web-Series 

Too much of the same can often turn into a very good thing. The new 10-episode season — five episodes coming out this week, five more episodes next Friday — seeks to remove the inevitable risk of repeats by bringing in some new characters and carving out new settings to inject some variety. .As we look at the moves of the men and women introduced in the first season, as well as those who have just entered the narrative, our minds turn back to what Judge Khosla (Jimmy Shergill) told about the season. 1 told a wiser: “There are no angels in this story.” Actually. It’s Your Honor deals with varying degrees of moral degradation.

Story Your Honor’s core, of course, remains the same: Judge Bishan Khosla (Jimmy Shergill) sinks into a bottomless cesspool. On behalf of his troubled son Abir (Pulkit Makol), his conscience, his conflicts with the underworld and police take on a darker color as he fights, wall to wall.

The story, with its modest scale and modified means of delivery, keeps its steady line due to the constant moral complexity at the center of the drama – no doubt stemming from the structure and substance of the original show. The quality of the acting – subdued rather than demonstrative – is once again impressively consistent with Jimmy Shergill in the role of the protagonist who takes his principles in the way of his paternalistic instincts.

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The story, centered on attempts to stop the law from taking its course, is consistently entertaining as it leans more towards emotion than flashy action. Your Honor S2 skips in-the-face methods if its first five episodes are reliable indicators. The show benefits from a judiciously measured portrayal of the many facets of the judge’s deteriorating struggles.

Layers are continually peeled off as characters – whether they are in favor of the law or against it (sometimes it’s impossible to tell one from the other), go toe-to-toe in a dangerous game with no winners . Understated, even in a hurry, the method amplifies the effect of the chain.


Jimmy Sheirgill Leads 2 Rating

Starring :  Jimmy Sheirgill, Gulshan Grover, Varun Badola, Parul Gulati, Mita Vashisht

Country of origin : India

Original languages : Hindi, Punjabi

No. of seasons : 2

Director: E Niwas

Rating: 3 Stars (out of 5)

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