They now claim that there are daily riots in India. This raises significant concerns about the safety of our players. How can we send them to play in the World Cup? The ICC has scheduled the One-Day World Cup to be held in India in October-November. The tournament’s schedule has been released, but there is still uncertainty whether Pakistan will be included. Today, an ICC annual meeting is taking place in Durban, where discussions on the World Cup controversy could be held.

The Controversy Surrounding Pakistan Participation In The ICC World Cup 2023

Pakistan’s Sports Minister, Ehsan Mani, stated in an interview with Geo News that India has always raised controversies regarding security in Pakistan. If we talk about the Asia Cup, other teams are coming here to play. It is not only Team India that is not coming. In such circumstances, we can also raise concerns about security. There are also daily riots in India. Considering the safety of the players, how can we send the team to play in the World Cup? He stated that if India wants to play the Asia Cup based on the high-bridge model, we would also like to follow a similar model for the World Cup.

A Decision Could Be Made Soon

The Pakistani government has formed a committee under the leadership of Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto to discuss the team’s participation in the World Cup. Sports Minister Ehsan Mani is also part of this committee. The committee will soon submit its report to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, and a decision will be made based on that. The World Cup is still a long way off. It is scheduled to be held in October-November. Therefore, discussions about the venue cannot be held at this stage. The match between India and Pakistan is one of the crucial matches in the tournament.

Pakistan is angry due to the Asia Cup. Pakistan was given the responsibility of hosting the Asia Cup 2023. However, the BCCI refused to send the team there and demanded to conduct the tournament at a neutral venue. PCB disagreed with this and proposed the high-bridge model. Now, the tournament is set to take place in Sri Lanka from August 31. There will be four matches in Pakistan and nine matches in Sri Lanka. All of India’s matches will be held in Sri Lanka. Pakistan is angry due to the tournament being held at two different venues for the Asia Cup. The final will also be played in Sri Lanka.

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