4 Hidden Meta Threads Features: Meta Threads, a Twitter rival, offers basic features such as text updates, photo and video posting, and sharing with others. However, there are some features that you might not know about. Here are 4 features you should know about. You can easily use these features in the app.

4 Hidden Meta Threads Features


1. Quickly Follow Someone On Threads

Threads has a quick follow feature that allows users to follow other users on the platform instantly. This feature allows users to follow other users without opening their profile and tapping the follow button. To follow, simply tap the + icon next to their handle to follow them.

2. Quickly Create A New Thread

To post a new thread, users must click on the + icon below. However, to create a new thread (more than one) within a thread, simply tap the Add thread button below the primary thread to add another thread or more threads. It’s similar to having multiple tweets under the same tweet. However, Meta has made it even easier. To create a new sub-thread, users simply need to tap the Enter button on their keyboard three times.

3. Mute Users

If you don’t want to receive notifications every time someone posts a new thread. Then, Threads has the option to mute individual people. This could be for people you don’t care about much or simply want to avoid being bothered every time they post something. To mute the thread account you want to mute, press the three-dot menu on the post. Select Mute from the drop-down menu.

4. Hidden Words

Threads also has a dedicated hidden words option. This allows users to hide answers with offensive words as well as answers with special words and phrases. To activate it, go to the Privacy page from the profile and look for the Hidden Words option.

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