Google is turning the last page and shutting the book on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, as they have expressed that after Google Play Services 10.0.x, the more established adaptation of Android programming will never again be accepting upgrades to more up to date forms of the Play Services APK. This implies any applications which need to associate with Google Play Services for anything will basically no longer bolster Android 2.3 Gingerbread gadgets either once they overhaul to another form of Play Services. For the time being, this won’t occur until Google discharges Play Services 10.2, yet that reasonable isn’t extremely far away. Having said that, Google does not say any correct time for when the following variant of Google Play Services will arrive, so this ought to serve as to a greater extent a warning to clients that are still on Android 2.3 gadgets about the closure of support for the administration.

While this is certain to be a tiny bit frustrating to a few clients who are still on Gingerbread gadgets, Android dissemination puts Gingerbread clients at around 1.3 percent of the present extent of various variants that are still out there in nature. Contrasted with any semblance of Android KitKat or more, 1.3 percent isn’t a ton of clients, which is likely why Google has at long last chosen to quit supporting that rendition of programming in the Play Services application.

Gingerbread won’t be the main form getting cut off from Google Play Services bolster, as Google notes on the Android Developers Blog that the base Support API level is being knock up from 9 to 14, which is Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich. This implies Android Honeycomb, which is adaptation 3.0, will likewise lose bolster for Google Play Services once form 10.2 hits the scene. As expressed above Google does not say a correct time allotment for this change, however they do specify that it will happen at some point in mid 2017, so it could come in January or it could be a tiny bit later. In any case, while this doesn’t imply that Google Play Services will quit working totally on Gingerbread and Honeycomb gadgets, it means that some applications will inevitably quit working, unless they choose to give a variant of the application that is intended to work with a more seasoned rendition of Google Play Services.

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