On the off chance that another BlackBerry patent is to be trusted, TCL — at present the proprietor of BlackBerry Mobile — could be chipping away at a successor to 2015’s Priv. The spilled report evidently subtle elements data about another handset that has a slide-out QWERTY console simply like the BlackBerry Priv.

What’s very fascinating about the cell phone that is being nitty gritty by the patent from the World Intellectual Patent Organization is its camera setup. From the looks of things, TCL could be setting up another camera configuration that is at no other time found in the business.

  • As indicated by the patent that was first spotted by Dutch news outlet LetsGoDigital, the back camera focal point is set on the external lodging of the telephone. At that point, another focal point is situated at the other back lodging that is a piece of the slide-out console. The optional focal point is distinguished as a change focal point.
  • The catch: Users will have the capacity to utilize diverse cameras relying upon whether the slide-out console is pulled down or not. At the point when the QWERTY console is open, the general camera on the external lodging will be accessible to the client. At the point when the QWERTY console is shut, be that as it may, the change focal point will be open to the client.
  • The patent does not indicate the sort of change focal point that TCL is utilizing, yet it mentions a few potential outcomes. It could be a wide-point focal point, a full scale focal point, a fisheye focal point or a zoom focal point. It’s additionally vital to take note of that the report does not specify Priv, but rather the outlines gave emphatically recommend that the new cell phone will take after the 2015 handset.

BlackBerry Priv 2: Patent Details Unique Camera Setup

It ought to be noticed that the first Priv was prevailing by the KEYone finally year’s MWC 2017. In any case, the last does not in the slightest degree look like the previous. The KEYone has a settled console and an altogether different plan. Given the new patent however, TCL could be resuscitating the first Priv’s outline with the expansion of redesigned specs.

As already detailed by IBTimes, BlackBerry is discharging two new cell phones with physical consoles this year. TCL affirmed this amid CES 2018 a month ago. At the time, the organization did not unveil anything about the gadgets, but rather it confirmed that it is building a “console classification” in its cell phone business for buyers who still favor the mark console of BlackBerry.

Sources: ibtimes.com

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