Three flash items reported in front of Dell EMC World

Dell EMC has acquainted huge upgrades with three of its lead endeavor stockpiling ranges: Unity, VMAX and Data Domain.


Unity has gotten three critical programming redesigns. The first is CloudIQ, a cloud-based capacity investigation stage that was saw not long ago and will be accessible before the end of the year. As indicated by Dell EMC, it gives close ongoing insight and prescient investigation to screen and oversee Unity stockpiling, and in addition giving wellbeing scores.

Then, the most recent form of UnityIOE programming presents inline pressure abilities, which will build effectiveness on account of components like thin provisioning, depictions and “record framework recoil”. These elements, in addition to the capacity to pack piece based LUNs facilitating altogether Flash pools, can spare clients up to 70% away limit costs.

Unity All-Flash additionally now gives up to 384TB stockpiling in a 2U rack, on account of new support for 15.36TB 3D NAND streak drives, which duplicates the range’s drive thickness, while the Unity 600(F) now has 10PB aggregate usable limit.

At long last, Unity now bolsters robotized arrangement based record teiring to Virtustream, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure open mists, going some approach to satisfy Dell EMC’s regularly discussed cross breed cloud mission.



Another item has been added to the VMAX family, the VMAX 250F. In view of V-Brick design, VMAX 250F begins at 11TB and can scale up to 1PB powerful limit and more than one million IOPS with, Dell EMC claims, sub-millisecond reaction times. The item presents to 64 have ports and backings the business’ most recent 7.6TB and 15TB venture streak dirves.

Dell EMC has additionally redesigned the HYPERMAX operatig framework over the VMAX all-flash cluster family to give inline pressure, non-troublesome relocation and overhauls to SRDF/Metro, including nonconcurrent third-site bolster.

Information Domain

Four new Data Domain assurance stockpiling models are presently accessible, the DD6300, DD6800, DD9300 and DD9800. Each of the four are streak empowered and give “a definitive in proficiency for tiering long haul maintenance information to the cloud”.

This is to some degree encouraged by the organization of the new Data Domain Cloud Tier programming, which comes as a feature of the recently discharged Data Domain OS 6, which additionally conveys propelled joining with Hadoop. The cloud programming increments by 200% the volume of dat that cen be overseen through a solitary machine, with greatest legitimate of 150PB, and locally levels de-copied information to open, private or half breed mists.

Each of the three overhauled product offerings are previous EMC items, with the declaration being made precisely one year after Dell procured EMC and one week before the organizations’ first joint meeting, Dell EMC World, which commences on Tuesday one week from now. Highlights proofreader Jane McCallion will report live from the occasion – click here for all the most recent news as it happens.

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