The new exchange program handles shipping at no additional expense, and acknowledges pretty much any brand.

There are a lot of spots to offer your utilized telephone, and eBay has generally been one of them. In any case, the online sale goliath is presently offering its own particular exchange program that purchases your old-gen handsets without you going to the inconvenience of selling it off yourself. The new Quick Sale highlight acknowledges gadgets from many brands, including Apple, Samsung, HTC, ZTE, Motorola and Nokia, and littler organizations, for example, Kyocera, blu, Pantech and DOOGEE.


In the same way as other online exchange programs, Quick Sale gives you a chance to get an expected offer for your telephone after you answer a couple questions through the site. The cost will be founded on the condition, stockpiling limit, shading and brand. Once that is all been resolved, eBay will give a free transporting name that you can use to send your handset in. The deal will experience the eBay Valet benefit that offers your stuff for your sake.

After the organization gets your pre-adored gadget, it will affirm the condition and pay you. The entire procedure will take around 7 to 10 business days after you send in your telephone.

A fast check demonstrated that Quick Sale offered me $311.50 for a space dim 128GB iPhone 6s in great condition, while Gazelle just recommended $230 for the same specs. Glyde, nonetheless, will give me about $361 in the event that I toss in a charger.

While there is no charge for offering through Quick Sale, and you’ll get exactly what the organization offers you answer the site’s inquiries, you may in any case have the capacity to get a higher cost in the event that you set up a sale yourself. However, considering what other buyback projects are putting forth, the eBay administration has all the earmarks of being quite aggressive, at any rate on first look.

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