FSP has declared two new mid-tower cases: the FSP CMT330 and the FSP CMT520. The two new cases include FSP’s “radiance cover” reflected floor plate which sits over the power supply cover, and a similar inside, yet are styled very extraordinary on the outside. The CMT520 has the more premium look of the two and incorporates glass front and side boards and additionally a coordinated LED and fan controller. The CMT330 utilizes an acrylic side board, no glass front, and includes bolster for 5.25-inch drives. Both mid-tower bodies are focused on gamers and devotees who might want a superior take a gander at a reasonable value point.

  • The outside of the CMT520 has a more premium appearance to it with its glass side and front boards permitting a liberated perspective of the equipment inside the case. Despite the fact that there isn’t as much glass as the CMT510 with three glass boards, the CMT520 offers a full perspective of the parts numerous needs to flaunt. The 520’s I/O board is likewise at a point between the best and front of the case. Both of the body utilize updated front I/O board that comprises of two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a power catch, and mouthpiece and earphone jacks (no USB 3.1 Type-C or Type-A).
  • The front of the 520 holds three RGB LED fans and additionally another on the back board (each of the four included) sending air through the inside and out the back and top. The fans and RGB can be controlled through a coordinated controller and is good with existing RGB LED biological communities from significant board accomplices.
  • When discussing the CMT330, it adds a touch of flare and incorporates a blue LED light bar at the base of the case. Likewise included are three 120mm fans, one of which is a blue LED fan discovered pre-introduced in the back of the case adding to the blue shine the case will have. With the acrylic side board and strong front board, it looks like a more standard case than its greater sibling.

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The inside of both mid-tower cases can bolster a most extreme CPU cooler stature of 163mm and video cards up to 423mm long. For cooling, both skeletons bolster up to 3x120mm radiator up top, 120mm on the back, and 3x120mm on the front. Motherboard bolster ranges from Mini-ITX up to ATX (520 shows E-ATX similarity) so the two cases have a great deal of adaptability in such manner. Both have space for two 3.5-inch HDD and four 2.5-inch SSDs while the CMT330 can house two 5.25-inch ODDs notwithstanding the 2.5/3.5-inch spaces.

Note on account of the CMT330, introducing something in the 5.25-inch straights will constrain the quantity of front board fans to two. The corona cover on both undercarriage have an intelligent board intended to mirror any lighting inside the case, and the cover held set up by magnets. The FSP CMT330 is recorded with a MSRP of ($80 at Newegg), while the more premium FSP CMT520 has a MSRP of $100 ($109 at Newegg).

SOURCE: anandtech.com

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