Google has started to add a new feature to Google Slides that is based on artificial intelligence (AI). Help Me Visualize is the name of the tool that lets Google Slides users make backgrounds and images for their presentations. The feature was first talked about last month at Google I/O 2023.

To start using the feature, look for a ‘Help me imagine’ side panel in Slides where you can type a prompt. Keep in mind that the feature is slowly being added to PC users. It might not be available right now for all users.

How to use new Google AI-powered feature on Slides

First, you have to sign up for Google Workspace Labs and agree to the terms and conditions. Use the “Help me visualize” button on Google Slides to make pictures with artificial intelligence. You can tell Google Slides to make a picture of a picnic or an abstract drawing, for example.

After you enter the question, you can choose from six different render styles: Photography, Clip Art, Background, Flat Lay, and Illustration.

In the meantime, Google has begun adding viewing mode to Google Meet. Viewers are people who are in the meeting but can’t share their voice or video. People who are leading, giving a presentation, or managing a meeting can be named co-hosts and contributors.

If you’re using Google Meet for big meetings, like webinars or town halls, putting people in the “viewers” group can help reduce distractions, like audio problems, that could happen during the meeting. Also, it helps people pay attention to the speaker and the purpose of your meeting.

A Google Workspace blog post about an update says that viewers will be able to use Meet tools like Q&As and polls. But viewers won’t be able to use in-meeting chat or emoji responses. These features will be added in the future, when viewers will be able to use them.

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