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Google redesigns Waze with first significant upgrade subsequent to the app was acquired

Waze has released a new iOS app update that features a more advanced search for its traffic and navigation service. Drivers will see a look that is equipped towards geared clients with bettering navigate, report accidents and road issues, and share tips. To put it plainly, what it trusts you’ll discover is that there’s to a greater more of a focus on the driver and on what Waze calls the “social driving background”.

Throughout the years, Waze has been making a progression of upgrades to its apps went for making it more straightforward, yet while it was a useful service, some may have been worried that it wasn’t helpful for utilizing it while driving. The last time the organization revealed a huge overhaul was three years back with improved guidance interface and the addition of text-to-speech capabilities.

The new app is certainly much cleaner than before features less taps so as to begin a drive, send locations, and get directions to your destination. With only a tap of a button, drivers can get whatever they want. What’s more, And the map interface has also been given a face-lift so that it has similar design qualities that you’d find with the maps result of its Google-turned-Alphabet proprietors.

Perhaps recognizing that users aren’t necessarily passengers, however the drivers themselves, rather than needing to tap on every alarm, Waze version 4.0 will send you alerts when you approach them naturally.

Other updates users will find are faster ways to send notification to the community about road issues like accidents, objects in the way, road closures, etc., as well as being able to send your ETA to friends much faster. There’s smart reminder feature that’ll remind you when you need to leave for occasions and parties based in view of the present movement conditions and drive times.

In April, the organization teased that an upgrade was anticipated when users inquired about why the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus wasn’t supported yet. This release is only available for iPhone users at this moment, yet Waze says it’ll be coming soon for Android.

Today’s upgrade appears to further coordinate Waze into the Google center. The traffic and navigation app as of now has seen its real-time incident reports being incorporated into Google Maps, however this new version will give drivers maybe a perhaps a much better experience when trying to get around town.

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