Five unannounced premium Chromebook models in light of a similar board are directly in progress, with both HP and Dell being probably going to create no less than one such gadget each, XDA Developers reports, referring to late confer augmentations identified with a Chrome OS ace board code-named Nami. HP is being related with a forthcoming Chromebook inside referenced as Sona, though Dell is perhaps chipping away at a Chrome OS gadget code-named Vayne.

The staying three models are marked as Akali, Pantheon, and Nami, with the last conceivably being a model intended to fill in for instance of the ace board reference configuration being referred to perceiving how the two offer a similar name.

Each of the five gadgets are portrayed as convertible contributions, i.e. items outfitted with a pivot that enables their screen to turn by 360 degrees around the console joined to it. The show board of the ace board itself is recorded as a 2,400 x 1,600 module, i.e. one that gloats a 2:3 viewpoint proportion which was at that point grasped by Samsung’s Chromebook Pro and Google’s Pixel book, having already been promoted as a go-to shape factor for little premium cross breed gadgets by Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup.

The determination itself additionally isn’t an unchangeable reality to the extent ace board executions are concerned perceiving how the greater part of the recently revealed postings indicating the up and coming Chrome OS gadgets are in a beginning time of advancement. While the same goes for most different particulars, the at present existing submits are characteristic of variations with both 8GB and 16GB of RAM, and in addition an illuminated console which just the Akali gadget is recorded as lacking.

HP & Dell Working On New Premium Chromebooks

Superior Kaby Lake chips from Intel should control each of the five Chromebooks, as proposed by the reality each model has been recorded with a going with fan profile – the very presence of any sort of a fan is demonstrative of some high-wattage silicon being a piece of the bundle, successfully disposing of the likelihood of mid-range or section level CPUs being incorporated with the reference ace board being referred to.

No less than one other premium Chromebook code-named Nocturne is likewise said to by and by be underway, with that specific model likely being a separable gadget. With each unannounced model evidently as yet being in a generally early advancement stage, none of them are probably going to be formally reported before late 2018.


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