The ios 8.1.3 redesign on the ipad 3 conveys great execution in ahead of schedule testing and the new gimmick that decreases the storage room expected to overhaul from ios 7 to ios 8 may disentangle the update process for some clients. In this early ios 8.1.3 survey on the ipad 3 we’ll help you choose in the event that you ought to introduce the free ios 8.1.3 upgrade today or stick on ios 7 or a prior form of ios 8.

This early ios 8.1.3 ipad 3 audit comes in the wake of spending a couple of hours testing the product overhaul on the more seasoned ipad. Our involvement with ios 8 on the ipad 3 is for the most part positive and the execution is superior to the ipad 2.

The ios 8.1 ipad 3 overhaul supported execution, making the old ipad less demanding to use for normal errands like skimming the web, viewing Netflix, utilizing Facebook and sending email. In spite of the fact that my wife is the essential client of this ipad, it is one we impart frequently enough that it is not difficult to see changes in execution from redesigns like this.

One of the huge reasons some ipad 3 clients may take a gander at this early ios 8.1.3 survey is that this upgrade eliminates the space expected to introduce overhauls. In the event that you claim a 16gb ipad 3 it is currently simpler to introduce redesigns like ios 8 or ios 8.1.3.

Here is an early ios 8.1.3 on ipad 3 audit to help you choose in the event that it is justified regardless of introducing the ios 8.1.3 upgrade on your old ipad.

The ios 8.1.3 upgrade is an average size so it took around 20 minutes to download. Your pace will shift focused around your association and different components. I was likewise redesigning an iphone 6 Plus and introducing the new OS X 10.10.2 redesign on two Macs.

After the download the ios 8.1.3 redesign establishment finished in around 5 minutes, including the reboot. All applications and records filled in as they had before the establishment.

ios 8.1.3 on ipad 3 Performance

The ipad 3 ios 8.1.3 execution is great in this way, and I will impart more insights about this upgrade in key regions underneath. Remember that you likely utilize diverse applications than I do, interface with distinctive systems and utilization your ipad in distinctive ways. This implies that there is a chance you might not have the same positive experience that I am on the ipad 3 running ios 8.1.3.


In the wake of introducing ios 8.1.3 I had the capacity open up any application with a record and begin utilizing it without the need to re-enter login data. This is normal, yet sometimes issues oblige clients re-login.

I tried Facebook, Gmail, Netflix and a few different applications on the ipad 3 and all are working generally as they were before the update. On the off chance that you run into issues it is a decent thought to verify your applications are all upgraded.

Ios 8.1.3 Battery Life

After an overhaul and two hours of utilization testing applications and execution the ipad 3 ios 8.1.3 battery life looks great. General the battery is down only 5% from when we began the upgrade process which implies there is not some kind of quick empty that shows a real issue. We’ll test this in more detail throughout the following week.

Wifi & Bluetooth

Integration is a zone that redesigns can break, however so far things are functioning admirably. The ipad 3 joined with the Bluetooth console case it sits in directly after the ios 8.1.3 overhaul and there was no compelling reason to re-pair it or troubleshoot any issues.

The ipad 3 additionally associated with my home system and to an individual hotspot on my iphone 6 Plus without issues. This is not a cell demonstrate, so I couldn’t test that.

Bugs & Issues

As of right now there are no ios 8.1.3 bugs debasing the ipad 3 execution, yet it is conceivable that we will perceive them after more utilization. Little upgrades and little bugs regularly escape beginning examination and can touch base for a little gathering of clients after a couple of days. We’ll look out for these throughout the following week.


The ipad 3 ios 8.1.3 redesign execution is the same as on ios 8.1 and ios 8.1.1, which is superior to it was on the first ios 8 discharge a year ago. The execution is not as quick as on the ipad Air, however it is still sufficient for some clients.

Should You Install ios 8.1.3?

In the event that you are now on ios 8 and you have issues with bugs or execution this resembles a decent upgrade to introduce today. In the event that you are still on ios 7 and considering moving up to ios 8.1.3 you ought to hold up a couple of days. This resembles an incredible upgrade, however there is no real way to downsize to ios 7 from ios 8.1.3. In the event that you redesign and dislike the execution you are stuck until Apple discharges ios 8.2 and you will never have the capacity to retreat to ios 7.

We begin our ios 8 versus ios 7 walkthrough with the iphone home screen, which is the place you’ll begin your ios 8 experience after an upgrade this fall.

These screens are unfathomably critical as you see them whenever you turn on the iphone or need to pick an application to dispatch. There is no chance to get around utilizing them, so Apple needs to verify they work simply right.

As should be obvious in the ios 8 versus ios 7 examination above, there is no change between the home screen in the new iphone programming. Apple changed the status bar and some other little visual changes in ios 7, yet there are no redesigns for ios 8.

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