Apple may have just dispatched its iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus a few week ago, yet Apple is working diligently on its next handset.

The Cupertino organization is accepted to be working with Intel on the next generation of chips to power the new smartphones.

It is trusted specific consideration is being paid to the LTE modem chip that will handle network inside of the new handset.

Industry sources say Intel has a 1,000- strong team working on getting the next-generation 7360 LTE modem chip prepared for large scale manufacturing.

In the event that genuine, the new Intel chip will replace the Qualcomm 9X45 LTE chip as of now found in the iPhone 6S.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich as of late made a progression of remarks on the LTE chips which fuelled hypothesis the two firms were cooperating.

Past remarks from the CEO have suggested a customer arrival of 2016 for the new chipset.

The news comes weeks after the late ChipGate outrage, which saw a few handsets shipping with weaker battery life as a result of the chip controlling the phone.

Apple has subsequent to affirmed that a few clients can hope to see slight contrasts between iPhone models.

A representative for the organization told “Our testing and client information demonstrate the real battery life of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, considering variable segment contrasts, shift inside only 2 to 3 for every penny of one another.”

The distinction lies in the maker of the A9 chip – with one being TSMC and the other Samsung.

Gathering posts guaranteed Apple smartphones running the A9 chip constructed by TSMC can eek a couple of more hours battery life from their handset.

The TSMC chip was likewise appeared to run much cooler than its Samsung elective in various online tests.

On the off chance that you need to figure out what’s fueling your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus there’s an application that can helpfully uncover all.

Head to the App Store and download Lirum Device Info Lite. The product will give you your model number that can then be checked against the two chips.

iPhones with model number N66AP or N71AP point to the Samsung chip, though N66MAP and N71MAP show the TSMC.

The full explanation from Apple on its A9 read: “With the Apple-planned A9 chip in your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you are getting the most exceptional smartphone chip on the planet.

“Each chip we ship meets Apple’s most elevated gauges for giving mind blowing execution and convey awesome battery life, paying little heed to iPhone 6s limit, shading, or model.

“Certain manufactured lab tests which run the processors with a constant heavy workload until the battery depletes are not representative of real-world usage, since they invest a doubtful measure of energy at the highest CPU performance state.

“It’s a misleading way to measure real-world battery life.

“Our testing and client information demonstrate the real battery life of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, considering variable part contrasts, change inside only 2-3% of one another.”

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