Apple says its chipping away at a fix after Apple iPhone clients found a glitch in the most recent iOS programming that permits somebody to send an instant message that can close down their telephone.

The Apple watch is additionally supposedly influenced in situations where the watch is related to a gadget where the pernicious code was sent

The message includes a particular series of characters, incorporating some in Arabic, tech websites started reporting late Tuesday after the glitch was uncovered on Reddit.

While this vindictive content appears to do no harm to the iPhones or Apple watches – influenced telephones will restart consequently – a few pranksters are utilizing it to crash others’ telephones, Mashable reported.

The accident is activated in those situations where the iPhone isn’t being utilized and an abbreviated rendition of an instant message appears on the telephone’s lock screen. It’s that abbreviated mix of characters clearly setting off the accident.

“We are mindful of an iMessage issue brought about by a particular arrangement of unicode characters and we will make a fix accessible in a product upgrade,” Apple said in an announcement.

So what can iPhone clients do to keep the issue pending an official fix from Apple? They can utilize telephone settings to kill the message “previews” feature.

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