Meta Threads vs Twitter: Social media users are shifting to Threads from Twitter, and it’s not just regular users but also notable social media users. Users who have been using Twitter for years are joining Meta Threads. Changes made by Elon Musk on Twitter had disappointed users.

Meta Threads vs Twitter

Instagram launched a new app called Meta Threads on July 6th. This platform from Meta has made a powerful entry as a rival to Twitter.
The platform surpassed 100 million sign-ups even before its official launch. On the other hand, there are reports of Twitter’s user base declining. Meta’s new platform, Threads, is attracting not only regular users but also influential users.

Celebrities Are Joining Meta Threads For Their Followers

From film personalities to brands, users who are active on social media are being influenced by Meta Threads. Every other user sees this new platform as a means to fulfill their specific needs.

Especially those users who have been active on Twitter for years are also making their entry into this text-based platform from Meta. Users who are active on social media are joining this platform to increase their follower count.

Users Who Have Been Using Twitter For Years Are Switching To Threads

According to media reports, Ann Coleman from the US is one of those users who have been using Twitter for years but has now shifted to Meta Threads for various reasons. 50-year-old Ann Coleman has been active on Twitter for 10 years, and she first met her husband on this platform.

Ann Coleman had to leave Twitter due to the platform’s new changes that were related to her emotions. However, she also wants to reconnect with her Twitter friends on Threads. There are many examples like Ann Coleman who have shifted from Twitter to Threads.

It is known that there have been several changes on the platform since Elon Musk’s entry as the owner of Twitter last year. Twitter now requires users to have paid subscriptions for more features. This has become a major concern for many users.

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