Meta told some markets about its Verified features a few weeks ago. Now, the company is bringing Meta Verified to India and a few other countries.

A couple of weeks ago, Meta revealed that its Verified feature would be available in certain markets. Now, the company is bringing Meta Verified to India and a few other countries. “We’re testing Meta Verified in India because our early tests in several countries around the world went well,” the company said in an official blog post.

What is Meta Verified?

What is Meta Verified, then? As the name suggests, it is a subscription bundle on Instagram and Facebook that includes a verified badge that verifies accounts with government ID, proactive account safety, and access to account support. “Since we first tested Meta Verified in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve made a few changes based on what we’ve learned. For example, we’ve taken away the ability to reach more test countries. This is still the way India does things. “As we roll out to more places, we’re looking into ways to add to the subscription, and we’ll share more when we’re ready,” the company said in a blog post.

With Meta Verified, users get three things: a badge that shows they are verified, safety against impersonation, and help with their account. Let’s explain.

A confirmed badge proves who you are. It uses a government ID to verify your account.

Protection against imitation with proactive account monitoring for impersonators who might target users with growing online audiences.
Account support is provided to help with common account problems. At the moment, it is only available in English, but in the future, it will also be available in Hindi.

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Meta Verified in India


What Is The Price Of Meta Verified In India?

As of today, you can buy Meta Verified directly through the Instagram or Facebook app in India. On iOS and Android, users can pay Rs 699 per month for a membership. The company has stated that it will start offering web verification in the next few months. It will cost Rs 599 per month, which is less than what it costs now.

What Happens To Existing Blue Tick Accounts?

Meta has stated that accounts that were verified before Meta Verified came out will still have the verified badge. “These accounts met a set of criteria to make sure they were real, and they may be more likely to be hacked than the normal user. So, it’s important that we keep the verified badge so that their accounts and the people who interact with them are safe,” the company said.

How To Get Verification On Facebook And Instagram?

There are 3 eligibility criteria for the same.

  1. Accounts must have at least a certain amount of activity, like a past of posting, and applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  2. People who want to get a Facebook or Instagram account have to show a government ID that matches their profile name and picture.
  3. Meta Account fraud will be checked for automatically with verified subscriptions.

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