More than 70 Galaxy Note 7 cell phones have overheated because of damaged batteries in the United States alone, the Canadian government has demonstrated, twofold the quantity of overall episodes the organization had already reported. The last time Samsung offered figures on its continuous Note 7 issues, on September first, it guaranteed that it had gotten 35 warnings of battery glitches all inclusive — reports that provoked it to suspend offers of the gadget, and to issue a worldwide review of handsets officially sold.


The new figure was discharged by Canadian government wellbeing affiliation Health Canada, in organization with Samsung, in an offer to provoke Canadian Note 7 proprietors into giving back their conceivably perilous gadgets. Apparently these US reports consider as a part of their number a few instances of detonating telephones that have hit the news as of late, including a Note 7 rebuked for crushing a Jeep Grand Cherokee in Florida, and another accepted to be the reason for a carport fire in South Carolina. Reports keep on tumbling in from over the US about heartbreaking souls influenced by the breaking down telephones — the New York Post reported that a six-year-old kid endured smolders to his hands not long ago when a Note 7 detonated as he was utilizing it — yet Health Canada says there has just been one reported occurrence in Canada as such.

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