Nextbit and Paranoid Android (PA) have met up to speed up the way toward conveying NextbitOS and PA’s ROM up to Android N for Nextbit’s Robin cell phone. Nextbit said that it had worked intimately with PA, “giving bit source code and framework pictures” to help them manufacture and test their custom ROM.

The Paranoid Android group, remarking on the cooperation, said:

“It’s extremely reviving to see an OEM that thinks about the group. Some simply send gadgets to designers, however you all have been there at all times how you can help and test our manufactures.”

By trading thoughts, code, and assets, both Nextbit and Paranoid Android could manage issues all the more rapidly and get their separate ROMs up to Nougat. Prior to the two started cooperating, Nextbit had as of now began on porting Nougat to Robin, yet it was all the while confronting a few obstacles. By collaborating with the Paranoid Android group it, these difficulties were overcome.


Nextbit Chief Technology Officer, Mike Chan, said:

“They [PA] are a gifted gathering of engineers and we’re eager to work with them to ensure Robin run surprisingly better whether you’re running NextbitOS, or Paranoid Android.”

In its declaration, Nextbit said that the cooperation had sped things along and that the Nextbit Nougat beta is prepared for its “willing group of analyzers.”

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