Noise colorfit Pro 3. Alpha Smartwatch is an additional Bluetooth calling smartwatch that was launched by the company Noise with five colors. This watch comes with modern and innovative features, including Bluetooth calling that allows you to make and answer calls from your wrist as well as a heart rate monitor, SpO2,100plus sports modes, built-in Alexa can store 80 mp3 songs inside the watch it is possible to connect headphones directly to the watch as well as other features.

The style and design of this smartwatch are stunning, and it comes with a premium metal design and it provides a luxurious experience to the smartwatch. In this review we’ll review every aspect of the watch, including specifications, features, performance. What’s excellent and what’s not.

Noise colorfit pro 3 Alpha smartwatch Design

Its Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Alpha smartwatch has an elegant square design that comes with five colors that appear like a high-end product. The metal frame in matt colors of the watch appears appealing. There’s an on-side button to activate the smartwatch display or switch off the display. We receive a speaker as well as a microphone built into the frame of the smartwatch.

The strap on this watch is an attractive design that is comfortable and appealing and it is able to change to a band from a third party. On the back on the back of the device, there are sensors and a charging connector The overall construction and design of the Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Alpha smartwatch are stylish and elegant.


It is a noise-colored colorfitpro 3 Alpha smartwatchcomes with an 1.69-inch TFT LCD screen with an resolution of 240*280px. The colors are vibrant on this smartwatch. The brightness of this smartwatch is excellent, it’s enough brightness to view outdoors close to 500 nits. The brightness can also be set according to your preferences.


This noise colorfit pro 3 Alpha smartwatch comes with a 300mAh capacity battery and Noise claims it gives us 5 days of battery backup with typical use but we can expect this battery backup for 2 days with phone calling use. Battery life might depend upon how we use the smartwatch the brightness level and which app we use, etc.


This smartwatch comes with a magnetic charging connector for charging and this smartwatch has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version which connects both Android and iPhone fast and easily, for that, you have to download a companion app from the play store or app store.

UI and Performance

This smartwatch UI is very smooth and attractive. The images and text are sharp enough to read. All watch applications are easy to navigate and fast.

  • Swipe from up for the access notifications panel.
  • Swipe from down for a quick toggle and setting watch,
  • Swipe from the right for the access menu.
  • Swipe from the left to use the app.
Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Alpha Smartwatch Review

Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Alpha Smartwatch Review

Noise colorfit pro 3 Alpha smartwatch features

1. Health

  • Heart rate- This smartwatch comes with the latest heart rate monitor sensors which help us to measure the heart rate while doing exercise.
  • Oxygen monitor- This smartwatch comes with SpO2 sensors which measure and monitor the blood oxygen level.
  • Sleep monitor- The sleep monitor feature is pretty accurate and very helpful.
  • Temperature monitor- With the help of this smartwatch we can monitor body temperature.

(However, use this only for reference purposes, not any medical purposes)

 2. Voice calls

With the help of this smartwatch, we can make and receive phone calls directly from the watch we do not need to use mobile phones for this watch comes with a dial pad. In the indoor environment, we get excellent call quality but in the outdoor there lot of crowd and traffic, which is difficult.

3. Always-on display

This smartwatch support an always-on display- Keep all the important information just a glance away on a display that never sleeps

4. Voice assistance

This smartwatch has a built-in Alexa voice assistance feature with the help of this you can operate the watch.

5. Sports mode

This smartwatch comes with 100 plus sports modes like running, walking, cycling, climbing, hiking, yoga, treadmill, fitness, etc.

6. Remote camera

Also, we get camera shutter options with this watch.

7. 80 mp3 song storage

In this smartwatch, we can store up to 80 mp3 songs.

8. Earbuds connectivity

We can directly connect earbuds to the smartwatch don’t need a smartphone for that feature.

9. Others

  • This smartwatch comes with huge collections of watch faces.
  • We can direct set alarm on the watch.
  • This smartwatch also comes with the find my phone features.
  • The interface is unique and quite good on this smartwatch.
  • Smart alert notification.
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