At Motorola, the item theory has been genuinely basic after it was procured by Google (however now the proprietor is Lenovo). Keep it basic however include the elements that individuals think about.From that point forward, Motorola has relentlessly adhered to this theory. On programming side and additionally for outline and equipment, it has kept it all straightforward. Moto telephones these days stand separated from their companions, in great route, because of their utilization of immaculate Android and straightforward however usable outline.


In the meantime, Motorola has attempted to pull in clients by including highlights that appear to be really usable. Constrained measure of water-verification capacities of Moto telephones is one such illustration.Presently, you can add one more to the rundown: an unbreakable screen. With the Moto X Force, Motorola is conveying an unbreakable screen to the mass business sector. Furthermore, subsequent to attempting the telephone for over a week, we can let you know that it is momentous. The case is each piece genuine. Yes, most likely the telephone won’t survive in the event that you put it under a mallet yet in the event that it slips out of your hands, or regardless of the fact that you toss it on the floor in dissatisfaction, the screen won’t break.

This usefulness, this accommodation of the unbreakable screen, in any case ,comes at a lofty cost of Rs.49,999. All in all, is it justified, despite all the trouble? Before we answer that question, we should investigate the telephone.Fabricate quality and configuration is the principle offering purpose of the Moto X Force. What’s more, it beyond any doubt doesn’t baffle here. In spite of the fact that plan and looks are additionally subjective. An associate in our office found the Moto X Force “appalling”. We have to some degree diverse feeling. The Moto X Force is not a looker. In any case, it is likewise not brutal, not in the looks division. It is a better than average looking telephone, despite the fact that it does not have the adjusted corners – and beauty – of something such as the Galaxy S6, iPhone 6S or even the Moto X (second gen).

The metal casing around the telephone has straighter lines that give it a more solid looks. Motorola presumably needs to pass on that the telephone’s extreme, unbreakable character, through the configuration and it succeeds.The construct nature of the telephone is amazing. We checked on the unit that has the back spread made of ballistic nylon. This is a material that is velvety delicate to touch but has the essential sturdiness to survive scratches from keys and coins. On the back, there is the standard dimple with the Moto logo. These days, with telephones accompanying a unique mark scanner, you might get the feeling that this logo houses the scanner. Shockingly, it is only a logo.

The general form nature of the telephone is amazing. There are no free parts. Around the screen there is a somewhat raised edge, which is to ensure the glass if there should arise an occurrence of falls. While we concur that bended glass on the screen edges looks slicker, the configuration here in Moto X Force secures the screen better.

The Moto X Force has a 5.4-inch screen. It is a major telephone however agreeable to utilize. It is neither as large as the iPhone 6S Plus nor as substantial. Unless you have little hands, you will have the capacity to utilize the X Force easily with single hand. The Moto X Force, much the same as a few different Motos, is waterproof. Really, Motorola says that it is sprinkle verification, just to ensure that individuals don’t run swimming with the X Force. Be that as it may, we put it under the running tap and gave it an intensive wash – it had soil after we had a go at crushing it on the solid floor – and the telephone survived it all easily.

The Moto X Force screen has two viewpoints to it: The showcase quality and the sturdiness. On both, the X Force exceeds expectations. The 5.4-inch screen in this telephone has a determination of 1440 x 2560 pixels and that makes content and pictures look to a great degree fresh on this telephone.

The gadget indicates brilliant hues and is sufficiently splendid, in spite of the fact that the showcase has a somewhat cooler vibe to it. This implies soul and white look somewhat blue on this telephone while the red and yellow are marginally more honed than normal. We found the screen to a great degree wonderful to use in great light and amid day. In any case, in low light it felt a bit excessively frosty.


On the strength part, the Moto X Force is unmatched. It is a telephone that has an unbreakable screen. What’s more, it is not only a case. The screen in the Moto X Force is genuinely unbreakable under the typical utilization. See the video on the off chance that you don’t trust us.Another fascinating piece that you have to know is that on account of Moto X Force, the guarantee on the telephone’s screen is for a long time and it applies regardless of the possibility that some way or another you figure out how to smash the showcase.

Since it’s a Moto telephone, we get the same Android Lollipop that is accessible on other Motorola telephones. This is a daintily adjusted Android Lollipop. While the gadget ships with Android Lollipop, a Marshmallow upgrade is accessible when you begin utilizing it.

Just to gently flavor up things, Motorola has preloaded a couple of applications on the telephone. These are valuable applications like ShareIt and help. Other than that it is all Google’s way. Furthermore, we like it that way. The Marshmallow on the X Force has a smooth configuration and straightforward interface. It is anything but difficult to utilize, movements are smooth, there is no element over-burden and all essential usefulness is effectively available.

The Moto X Force is a top of the line telephone and it has the equipment to parade. It is fueled by the Snapdragon 810 processor, has 3GB RAM, 32GB inner stockpiling and backings a microSD card of up to 200GB.

The great equipment and tidy programming compensates for an intense combo. The X Force is a quick and smooth telephone. There are no detectable slacks on this telephone and all livelinesss, whether you are looking through the long Twitter channel or exchanging between three open applications, are smooth. Usefulness shrewd as well, everything functions admirably. The GPS is quick and precise and web skimming is smooth. FullHD recordings play effortlessly.

With an effective processors inside it, the Moto X Force handles requesting recreations like the Implosion and the Asphalt 8 easily. Be that as it may, much the same as different telephones with the Snapdragon 810, this telephone excessively gets hot under the back spread when pushed hard. On the off chance that you play Implosion for 30 odd minutes on the telephone, you will feel the warmth ascending inside it. That said it is never disturbing, the way it is on some other top of the line telephones.

The call quality and system execution is phenomenal. The calls sound fresh and we never saw any huge system issues that could be credited to the telephone. The single speaker puts sufficiently out sound to fill a little room

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