The Panasonic Lumix TZ100 (known as ZS100 in the US) joins an expanding pontoon of cameras worked around a 1-inch sensor size, promising updated picture quality over what you would ordinarily anticipate from a standard reduced.

Most conspicuous camera organizations are playing the pocketable 1-inch sensor camera diversion at this moment: we’ve seen any semblance of Sony with its RX100 arrangement, Canon with its PowerShot G5 X, and new to the stable is Nikon with its trio of DL models. In any case, the TZ100 takes an alternate edge because of its 10x optical zoom lens – it’s increasingly the easygoing purchaser snapper; a TZ80 on sensor steroids, maybe.

Surely, the TZ100 keeps all that much inside of that “travel minimized” camp as far as physical size, abstaining from using so as to amplify both its scale and cost a lens that, while quick at the wide-edge, doesn’t keep up that quick opening all through its amplified zoom range. All things considered it ought to be seen as the development of innovation streaming into more available items, not a ultra-top of the line minimized according to some of its associates.


In its basic dark complete the TZ100 doesn’t look especially changed or recognized contrasted with numerous reduced cameras. Be that as it may, we don’t have the basic dark completion; nope, we have the gunmetal dim with blaze red cut-out line encompassing the up-top on-body controls. It’s sort of kitsch, sort of cool, and absolutely emerge. Not that we think numerous will purchase this flashier looking trim model.
panasonic-lumix-tz100-6000x4500-lens-f2-8-5-9-leica-dc-camera-review-8751Anyway, we deviate. The point truly being that Panasonic has looked after prudence: the TZ100 stays pocketable – it’s 44.3mm thick – in spite of its 10x optical zoom and huge sensor size. That guarantees it’s still all that much a reduced, not a chunkier wedge like, say, the Canon G5 X. Be that as it may, the Panasonic is bigger than any Sony RX100 model, in this way sitting it some place amidst its primary rivalry.

That is a fascinating position to be in as another breed, however a marginally confounding one in light of the fact that most 1-inch sensor cameras combine the most noteworthy capacity with the sensor. Despite the fact that it has the “TZ” name, we feel as if the TZ100 should be the current TZ80 model one might say, as opposed to its greater sensor sibling. Without the lens capacity to stay aware of its close rivals, there’s a quick ailing in this current Panasonic’s capacity, which is the same issue we found with the likewise slim yet all-touchscreen Canon PowerShot G9 X.

In fact we’ve found the camera will frequently full for higher ISO settings than you may some way or another need to utilize. Notwithstanding when shooting outside in sunlight at the full 250mm (equal) expansion auto-selecting ISO 640 isn’t strange; inside in sunshine and ISO 1600 has every now and again been the decision – which is the delicate default roof to Auto ISO, and regularly not combined with an adequate shade velocity to coordinate. The ISO affectability can be pushed higher physically, however in ISO Auto the camera is genuinely hesitant second presentation considered ISO 1600 to be adequate, for instance, when that screen rate is plainly too moderate.

On the upside this lens incorporates optical picture adjustment to keep things unfaltering, which goes some approach to refuting that constrained most extreme opening. At the point when the camera thinks the screen rate is excessively low you’ll be given a red “unsteady camera” image in the presentation. It’s better than average adjustment that you’ll feel and find in real life, given the way it smoothes out developments.

So that is the bargain with the TZ100: you’ll get more zoom than whatever other pocketable 1-inch model, however it’s not a particularly capable zoom. It feels much the same as the original Sony RX100 as it were, which over its progressive discharges has reduced the zoom for a more extensive opening lens and pop-up electronic viewfinder – however that likewise raised its expense (to over £800), which is restricted the £529 TZ100 hooks back a few focuses.

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