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Samsung Gear VR smartglasses help visually impaired see the world more clearly

Samsung Electronics’ Relúmĭno glasses utilize the Gear VR framework to help outwardly impeded clients all the more plainly observe their general surroundings. Disclosed in a Tuesday public statement, Samsung will formally present the innovation at the forthcoming 2018 CES in Las Vegas.

Being that the glasses depend on more affordable Gear VR equipment and a versatile application, Relúmĭno could make visual guides more available to outwardly weakened clients. In doing as such, it could influence exercises to like sitting in front of the TV and perusing significantly less demanding also.

As indicated by World Health Organization information, 86% of outwardly weakened people (217 million individuals) have low vision, while the staying 14% (36 million) are viewed as visually impaired. Individuals with low vision can decide contrasts amongst light and dull, yet regularly battle with fine points of interest.

Samsung Gear VR smartglasses

The Samsung scientists that created Relúmĭno said in the video that their underlying tests saw a change in visual sharpness for clients. The scientists are currently chipping away at an independent match of glasses that use a similar innovation without the Gear VR shape factor.



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