Digital book or e-ink perusers are a long way from dead, particularly considering how tablets themselves are battling for survival. Computerized paper gadgets are, rather, experiencing a change, fusing new highlights that were once constrained to touch screen tablets like iPads and Androids. Sony’s DPT Digital Paper arrangement is one this new type of tablets and a littler, more compact rendition is going to the US as the 10.3-inch DPT-CP1, accessible for pre-arrange now.

The original of digital book perusers, spoke to by the Amazon Kindle and its adversaries, were essentially advanced adaptations of books. As far as collaboration, in any case, they may now and then be far more terrible than physical books. At any rate you can compose notes on a book, for instance.

More current digital book perusers have turned into more entangled and straddle the scarcely discernible difference between computerized paper and full tablets. Some even run Android underneath. Sony’s DPT arrangement is still somewhat tame in examination however it adds a touch screen as well as a weight touchy stylus for writing notes and making high contrast pencil craftsmanship.

Sony DPT-CP1 10-inch Digital Paper Pre-Order Started in the US

The primary Sony DPT as of now touched base as the 13.3-inch DPT-RP1. The new DPT-CP1, reported simply a month ago in Japan, brandishes a littler 10.3-inch screen, a “scratch pad” to the RP1’s “letter” measure. Usefulness savvy, be that as it may, the two are for all intents and purposes the same, showing similar highlights, similar to a 16-thumbnail outline, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth availability, and zoom and dish touch interface.


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