PlayStation maker SONY has uncovered another model of the PS4 and individuals are pondering what it is. The tech goliath refreshed its Japanese online store and it uncovered a little change that some rushed to take note. The little change is identified with the thin model of the PS4.

The base thin PS4 past had the model number CUH-2100, anyway that has now been changed to CUH-2200. At the season of composing, the adjustment in display number has happened to three renditions of the PS4. There is another 1 TB Jet Black form (CUH-2200BB01), another 1 TB Glacier White reassure (CUH-2200BB02) and another 500 GB Jet Black adaptation (CUH-2200AB01).

Be that as it may, the 500 GB Glacier White model stays unaltered as its model number seems to be (CUH-2100AB02). It’s somewhat odd that the 500 GB Glacier White PS4 show number hasn’t been changed. There are a couple of reasons with reference to why it hasn’t been changed: Sony could be ending the 500 GB Glacier White PS4 or, the more probable reason, that they simply haven’t refreshed the site yet.

General measurements of the consoles continue as before, the power utilization, valuing, size, and weight are the same as they were previously. The 1 TB reassures costs 34,980 yen + charges and the 500 GB comfort costs 29,980 yen + charges.

Just the second digit of the model number was changed, which demonstrates that the change/s to the comfort is just minor. There is more than likely a change made to the inside segments of the consoles, which are done to bring down assembling costs. In the event that the consoles were to get a noteworthy change, the main digit would have been changed. There is no word on if these will be discharged in the West yet we believe it’s an easy win to anticipate that they will be discharged eventually.

Sony’s PS4 propelled in November 2013 around an indistinguishable time from Microsoft’s Xbox One. Sony uncovered that toward the finish of 2017 the offers of the PS4 hit 73.6 million units. We are presently in July of 2018 and that number is certain to have raised a considerable amount.

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