As of late, all the news about Samsung appears to spin around the Note 7 and its tricky battery. However, it ought to be noticed that Samsung uncovered a cool-looking round and hollow desktop PC: the “ArtPC Pulse Premium.”

Notwithstanding its size, the ArtPC has better than average customer benevolent specs but then ought to have the capacity to handle some intermittent gaming on its AMD Radeon RX 460 representation chip. Obviously, until we get our hands on it to test, we won’t know without a doubt.

The most engaging part for me is the round and hollow plan that components an inherent omnidirectional Harmon Kardon speaker. Joining a desktop PC with the body of a speaker isn’t new – look at the HP Pavilion Wave. The fit and complete of the Samsung appears to be premium – which is likely why Samsung incorporated that word in the name.


The ArtPC proceeds with the pattern of strong round and hollow PCs: the MSI Vortex and let us not overlook the 1,027-day-old Mac Pro.

The ArtPC Pulse Premium is accessible to preorder on Amazon in two designs. It will be accessible beginning October 28 in the US. As of now, Samsung doesn’t have any more data to share.

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