Since the iphone 6 is out, we can just hold up and wonder what Apple will do with the following model.

On the off chance that Apple discharges an iphone 6s it will most likely look a great deal like the current iphone, with several new peculiarities. The iphone 7, on the other hand, could be truly diverse. Creator Yasser Farahi of Ovalpicture has taken a shot at envisioning how it may look.

These hypothetical imprint ups of the iPhone 7 got our consideration. Nikola Cirkovic, a specialist at the CIRPIS Center of Kragujevac, Serbia, made a few renderings and sent them to Business Insider.

Reacting to studies that the iPhone 6 Plus is too enormous for little hands, Cirkovic’s iPhone 7 has a screen that would fall between the 4.7″ iPhone 6 and the bigger 5.5″ 6 Plus, at 5.2″.

Cirkovic has rendered the outline the gadget in white and dark, withdrawing from the organization’s decisions of space dim and silver on the grounds that he says he misses the delightful straightforwardness of the first iPhones.

Despite the fact that Apple likely would never roll out the improvements Cirkovic proposes, its still amusing to see his elucidations.

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